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Apple Gourd Food Facts:  A good source of vitamin A.

 Apple Gourd/Tinda Fry

Ash Gourd Food Facts : Ash gourd has nutrition like amino acids, mucins, mineral salts, starch calcium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and rich source of vitamin B and C.  it can be used to treat constipation and improved digestion. It also treates treat urinary dysfunction and is very helpful in treating kidney stone. It can even treat mouth ulcers, protecting teeth and gums when a mouth gargle of the juice is done regularly.


Banana Food Facts : It is one of the high calorie tropical fruit and contains a good amount of soluble dietary fibres. They help in normal bowel movement and prevent constipation. They are very good source of vitamin B-6 and moderate source of vitamin C.Fresh bananas provide adequate levels of minerals like copper, magnesium, and manganese. COPPER helps in building red blood cells. They are good source of potassium. POTASSIUM helps to counter the bad effect of sodium.

Kerala Aviyal

Beans  Food Facts : Low in kilojules, rich in dietary fibres and an excellent source of vitamin A. It is rich in ZEA-XANTHIN which provides anti-oxidant and protective UV light filtering functions.They contain good amount of vitamin B6, thiamin(vitamin B1) and vitamin C.beans contain healthy amounts of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium, which are very essential for body metabolism. Manganese is a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase, which is a very powerful free radical scavenger. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps controlling heart rate and blood pressure.

Long Yard Beans Curry (Barbatti Sabji in Andhra Style)
Sem-Muttor ki Sabji

Beetroot Food Facts : Beetroot is a super-food because they are dense with dietary fiber, antioxidant compounds and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. They contain variety of vitamins such as folate , riboflavin, vitamin K, niacin, thiamin and rich in vitamin C. They are mineral rich with iron , calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc.They also contain high concentration of antioxidants, compounds that may prevent damage to DNA.

Beetroot Pachadi

Broccoli Food Facts : It is a store house of phyto-nutrients which help protect prostrate , colon, urinary bladder, pancreatic and breast cancer. It is also a rich source of vitamin C which helps fight against flu causing viruses. Further, it contains a good amount of another Anti-Oxidant Vitamin A which helps to maintain integrity of skin and mucus membranes and good for a healthy eye-sight

Broccoli with Chicken (Sorry to put under Veg Section, can replace Chicken with Paneer or Soya Chunks)

Bitter Gourd  Food Facts : A miracle vegetable with lot of benefits. It is a evry powerful ANTIOXIDANT. It can help you reduce your ACNE, improve your digective system, help control  diabetes, maintain healthy liver and bladder, prevent certain form of cancer and also has weight loss property. It helps to keep your skin healthy and anti-ageing 

Bottle  Gourd Food Facts : It is very popular for its weight loss ability an dkeep the heart fit and healthy. It also has the ability to reduce blood pressure. It also contains certain minerals and vitamins like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, C and folate. It also supports the urinary system by reducing the burning sensation.

Oriya Ghanta (without onion garlic)

Cabbage Food Facts : Cabbage is a good source of vitamin C and is also rich in indoles. Prelimnary studies suggest that these phyto-chemicals may help prevent breast cancer. They are one of the top antioxidants.

Capsicum Food Facts : Capsicum specially red ones are superb source of Vitamin C. These relatives of chilli also contain flavonoids, which seem to fight cancer in several ways.

Rajasthani Methi Dana Mirchi ki Sabji

Cauliflower Food Facts : A good source of folate and vitamin C, cauliflower shares the health benefit of all brassica (cabbage family) vegetables: that of cancer-fighting phyto-chemicals.

Corn Food Facts : Corn contains a good quantity of  high-quality phyto-nutrition like dietary fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Corn is also a good source of phenolic flavonoid anti-oxidant and ferulic acid which plays an important role in preventing cancer, ageing and inflammation in humans. It also contains good amount of zinc, magenisum, copper, iron and manganese.

Corn Kofta Curry

Drumstick Food Facts : An excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamin , minerals like calcim, iron, copper, manganese, zinc , selenium and magnesium, a quality rarely found in other greens and pods.

Eggplant Food Facts : Eggplants – closely related to potatoes and   tomatoes – belong to the deadly nightshade family, but are safe and delicious to eat. They are a good source of dietary fibre, as well as offering some potassium and vitamin C.

Moutabel - Middle Eastern Eggplant Dip
Ram Rochak Tarkari

Green Peas Food Facts: Fresh peas are a good , low-fat protein source. They are all rich in vitamin C, while green peas also contain folate and thiamin. Pea pods offer measurable potassium.

Green Leafy Vegetables Food Facts : Dark, leafy greens have such a lot to offer : disease fighting carotenoids, indoles and isothiocyanates as well as quantities of vitamin C, calcium and iron.

Poi Bara
Zero Oil Spring Onion Cooked in Toor Dal (Lentil)

Raw Jackfruit Curry

Mushroom Food Facts : Very low is kilojules, yet packed with meaty   flavour, mushrooms also contain substances that may enhance the immune system and slow tumour growth. Cooking mushrooms breaks down their fibrous cell walls, making some of their nutrients more available to the body.

Schezwan Mushroom (Changed to Draft for update)
Spinach Mushroom Stir Fry (Changed to Draft for update)
Palak Mushroom (Changed to Draft for update)
Mushroom Masala (Changed to Draft for update)
Okra Food Facts: Also known as "Ladies Finger" is one among the low calorie vegetable. It is rich in dietary fibre and contains a healthy amount of vitamin A. It is also an excellent source of flavonoid anti-oxidants such as beta carotenes, xanthin and lutein.  Vitamin A is also required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin.The veggies are rich in B-complex group of vitamins like niacin, vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin and pantothenic acid.

Maharashtrian Style Stuffed Bhindi

Papaya Food Facts: Take your vitamin C in the form of this luscious tropical fruit and you will replenish potassium and vitamin A as well. There is a good amount of fibre too.

Amruta Bhanda Tarkari (Oriya Cuisine)

Potato Food Facts : Potatoes combine energy giving complex carbohydrates with plenty of vitamin C, fibre and potassium. They are filling and ,if sensibly prepared, low in fat.
Aloo Palak

Pointed Gourd Food Facts : A miracle vegetable with lot of benefits. It is a evry powerful ANTIOXIDANT. It can help you reduce your ACNE, improve your digective system, help control  diabetes, maintain healthy liver and bladder, prevent certain form of cancer and also has weight loss property. It helps to keep your skin healthy and anti-ageing property.

Pumpkin Food Facts : Sweet and meaty, these sturdy members of   the squash family boast high levels of beta-carotene. The content is higher if the pumpkin has been stored for several months .

Gujrati Kaddu ki Sabji

Ridge Gourd Food Facts

Ridgegourd Fritters

Snake Gourd Food Facts
Snake Gourd and Chickpea Fry

Tomatoes Food Facts: Low in kilojules and very high on flavour, tomatoes are a wonderful food. Along with vitamin C, they offer a tremendous amount of lycopene, a cancer fighting carotenoid.

Tomato Chutney (Tamata Khajuri Khatta)

Zucchini Food Facts : Zucchini along with other squashes and the related marros, are a good source of vitamin C as well as providing some fiber.

Zucchini cooked with Dried Green Chickpea
Zucchini Pancakes

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