Sweet Coconut Stuffed Idli - A Highway Out to Cure Your Modak Craving

For the days when you have those sweet cravings, For the days when you want to eat Something Special but have less time at hand, For the days when you want to turn your Sunday Idli Day to something extra special, For the days when you want to go no Onion no Garlic, For the days when you want to run away from normal Roti and Rice , For the days when you still want to eat something healthy, For the days when you want to surprise everybody, For those days try out these special Idlis stuffed with the jaggery coconut Idlis. Simple, Plain and Good.

Ingredients :
Idli Batter(made from 2 cups rice and 1 cup urad daal, soak overnite, grind to fine paste and allow it ferment for 8 hours)
1 and 1/2 cup freshly grated coconut
1/2 cup Jaggery

Method to cook :
Add 2 tsp oil in water. Add jaggery and allow it to melt. It takes about 2-3 minutes.
Add coconut and cook till coconut gives out a nice smell.
Switch off the flame and allow it to cool.
Pour a glass of water in pressure cooker and put it on high flame on gas with lid on.
Greese your idli mould.
Pour 2 tsp of batter in each mould.
Add coconut mixture (about 1 tsp)
Pour about 1 tsp or more idli batter again. Put the Idli mould in pressure cooker and steam for about 15 minutes.


  1. I wish I could have it now.. I donot have an idli maker here... so miss this dish terribly.. addition of coconut is so innovative...

  2. Soma, sweet idli sounds great dear never thought to make like this creative idea.

  3. Hey.. i too make stuffed idlis.. but curry stuffed..
    your sweet stuffed idlis looks soo tempting and delicious..sounds too good.. awesome job dear!!

  4. YUM! Mouthwatering plate of goodies. Love it.

  5. Thats really interesting,should try this one as it looks too good..

  6. Wow..Sounds great, never thought to make idlis this way, great recipe Soma

    Kairali sisters

  7. tnx a lot 4 the sweet idea dear...sounds super delicious!

  8. Sweet idlies sounds interesting. Very unique & should have tasted divine.

  9. Wow..what an idea - quick fix when you're craving kozhukattais or modhaks! I'd even karela if its stuffed with coconut and jaggery! Looks awesome!

  10. hey awesome one... I have to get MIl to make it once... I love it...

  11. nice variation to regular idlis. looks so delicious.

  12. really new one soma....sure kids will like it..

  13. We too make a similar kind of sweet idli Soma...yours idea of stuffed idli sounds too delicious :)

  14. Very interesting stuffed idly, I have tasted sweet idlies in diff' method...but i like ur innovation a lot, looks pretty and sounds delicious.