Spa Food - Stir Fried Garlicky Rice with Tofu n Basil Served with Salmon Fish Fry and Green Peas Mash

Spa Food - The food which cleanses your body, heals your body and helps you stay healthy.

Soya Beans is one of the world’s most important source of dietary protein. Tofu and Soya Milk are the two most famous byproducts of Soya Bean. Tofu which is also known as soya bean curd is remarkably nutritious and is also famous to contain anti-cancer fighting substance. It contains high quality protein and also acts as a substitute for lactose intolerant. Tofu is available in most Asian Supermarkets and is almost always sold in sealed packets because it is highly susceptible to bacterial contamination. Once, you open the packet, should be refrigerated, covered with water and you can keep them fresh for up to a week.

Basil on the other hand is considered worlds healthiest food. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and its usage can be traced back to Vedic age. It has great medicinal value and finds extensive usage in Ayurveda.

Salmon on the other hand is the worlds healthiest fish with very high content of omega-3 fatty acids which acts as blood thinner and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very effective against rheumatoid arthritis.

Hence, when you combine tofu, basil and salmon in your meal, the end product will give you multiple benefits because of which I prefer to give it the term Spa Food.

This heals your body, removes the toxic from your body and helps you heal. A food which has great anti-ageing property.

What You Need:
Tofu cut into small cubes
Basil 2 cups finely chopped
1/4th cup garlic finely chopped
1 green chili finely chopped
2 cups rice cooked
Soy sauce 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil 2 tsp
Heat oil in a pan.
Add chopped green chili and chopped garlic.
Add tofu and fry till its golden.
Add chopped basil and cook for 2 minutes
Add cooked rice, salt to taste and soy sauce.
Mix well. Cook for another 2 minutes its ready.

What you need for the Salmon:

Take a salmon fish fillet, marinate with salt and pepper and cook on a grilled pan with very little oil.
Fish itself has a lot of oil and gets cooked in its own juices. Cook only till it turns reddish pink.
For the peas mash, boil some peas in water. Add salt , pepper, curd, sour cream and blend in mixer till you get a smooth paste.
Enjoy your simple pure spa meal.

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