Princess Pleasant Presence (The Princess : Chital Pahadi @ Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve has become an abode of Tiger Cubs. There is a fair amount of chance that you will either spot a tiger cub or if you are very lucky, you can locate Mother and Cubs together. Infact, the 3 sons of Collarwali (Chota Charger and his brothers) are still together though they have matured a lot and if you spot them, you will find all the 3 together just like the 4 sisters of Tadoba who still prefer to stay and hunt together.

We were also lucky to have spotted the sub adult cubs of Partdev Female Tigress near the Naya Talao. Now I get very very confused with the names of ponds and spots with which the guides & naturalists identify each tiger and cubs with. The park is big and number of tigers have increased considerably. The tigers are mostly named with territory or their most spotted location.
Now, these cubs were spotted near Naya Talao . There were 4 cubs. 2 were hiding. 3rd one was far off but we could find him walking behind the bushes and looking at the paparazzi waiting for them on the road.
The 4th one seemed very thirsty and very much eager to be clicked. He drank water for almost 10 minutes. He then walked along the bank of talab (water body). Then he turned back and slided swiftly into the water which seemed extremely cute. Then he remained inside water for a long time. Still curious at the crowd, he could not hold himself long. He decided to take a closer look at us. He came out of water, climbed up the dam, crossed the road and then went into the forest. After 2 minutes he vanished. All the vehicles decided to leave as they thought that was the end of the show. Since, we were facing the opposite side, we had to turn back. So we went ahead, turned the vehicle and started moving back. It was then, we spotted the cub again. He came out of the bushes. He crossed the road again, scent marked, turned and looked at us to be photographed again. He was fearless. He then moved towards the dam again. But then he changed his mind and decided to stay there. He sat on a stone near a tree and remained there forever till our time to leave the park was over. It was once in a lifetime experience, extremely divine and to be cherished forever.