Beetroot Flavoured Flatbread stuffed with cooked Lentils and Spring Onions

Women Are Big Jugaads and they have the capability to create lavish meals with limited resources. How many would agree with me ? Most of them who are little involved in the kitchen would agree with me.

Pizza, Biryani , Kheer were all invented out of jugaad and modern cooks do jugaads to invest new dishes everyday. Some click and some don’t click. That’s Okay . It is also one of the most effective way to avoid wastage of food.

This recipe is one such jugaad . I had prepared some Raw Mango Daal (3 lentils put together – Toor Dal, Roasted Mung Dal and Whole Masoor Dal, some grated mangoes, some chopped spring onions and some tomatoes pressure cooked with salt and turmeric powder and given a nice tempering with green chiles and cumin seeds). I made a lot of it. Hence, two people could not finish it in a day .
Next day, I peeped into the fridge. Accidently, I had ordered loads of beetroot through (A mistake I often do as I don’t understand weight . How many beetroot would come in 250 grams compared to how many would come in 500 grams).
Hence, I boiled some beetroot, mashed them nicely in blender , mixed with atta dough and prepared some nice purple-pink color atta dough.

I cooked the left over dal till it became dry and thick and then stuff within the atta dough and made nice stuffed chapattis with them.

That is how I came up with this dish. It is a very interesting way to consume beetroot which I have been recommended by the doctor due to low hemoglobin count in my blood.

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