3 Flavored Marble Cake - Raspberry Cranberry - Carrot Pista - Choco Walnut

Christmas went by in 2015 and then New year also went by some time back. I was so damn busy with office work and cough and cold and sore throat and what not that I didn't even get time to celebrate any of the day. However, the spirits were still alive. The Mind had to be trained to not be disheartened. Its just the calendar which has changed. Christmas and New Year can be celebrated any day you wish.

And baking a cake comes naturally as part of celebrations. Wanted to try something fruity and nutty as well. It was long since I had baked a marble cake. Hence, decided to try out a different marble cake. This one is inspired from the Napolean Cake where 3 flavours of cake are layered on top of each other.I just decided to work on the same theme and change it slightly. The result was rewarding and everybody loved it. Made 4 boxes. One for home, one for my dear friend, one for my office colleagues and one for I's office colleagues. It got over in 30 minutes.

Gone are the days when we had normal cakes. We can experiment so much with ingredients and somehow fruits and nuts never fail to impress you.

What You Need:

250 grams all-purpose flour
30 grams coco powder
125 grams powdered sugar
1 cup milk
2 tbsp raspberry marmalade
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 eggs
100 grams butter or oil
30 grams cranberry
100 grams grated carrot
30 grams walnut chopped
10 grams pista chopped
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp powdered sugar
2 tsp milk

Steps To Make:

Sieve all-purpose flour , sugar and baking powder together.
Mix oil, milk, vanilla essence and eggs together.
Now add the dry flour mix little by little and mix things together.
Beat the cake batter for 10 minutes. Now divide into 3 equal portion.
To one portion, add coco powder and chopped walnuts. Add 2 tsp powdered sugar and 2 tsp milk
To the second portion, add grated carrot and chopped pista
To the 3rd portion, add raspberry jam and cranberry
Take a cake tin of 8 inch diameter
Grease it with butter
Spread out the cake batter evenly taking 1 tbsp each time and evenly distributing it.
Now take a toothpick and gently give a nice pattern by gently swirling it through the batter
Preheat oven for 12 minutes at 180 degree centigrade
Bake cake for 38 minutes . Do a toothpick taste before you switch off the oven.
Cool your cake completely before your cut it into pieces.