Herb Infused Basa Fish Fillet in lemon creamy sauce topped with Sweltered Spinach served with Jacketed Potatoes , Garlic Bread and Pan Grilled Zucchini

Weekend lunch and dinner have to be really special because after 5 days of hard work even you deserve to have meal at peace. Many a times, office hours do not permit you the same and  you are forced to quickly fill your stomach and sometimes without even realizing what food you are consuming because back of the mind you have tons of book of work queuing up in your mind.

I would love to eat an Indian Thali it does not matter if it is North India, South Indian, Gujratai Thali, Mahararashtrian Thali, Rajasthani Thali or a simple Bengali Thali.

However, cooking a full Indian meal is no joke. To include a perfect balanced diet in your meal is even a more laborious task. Hence I come up real simple meals which not only give you a balanced diet but is also therapeutic at the same time. It must look appetizing and appealing to the eyes and taste should never ever be compromised.

For the herb infused Basa Fish Fillet:

1 tsp butter
8 to 10 fish fillets
salt and pepper for marination
lemon juice
1/2 cup milk
1/3rd cup full cream
rosemary + parsley
lemon juice
finely chopped garlic

Marinate fish with salt and pepper.
Coat with finey chopped rosemary and parseley
Heat butter in a grilled pan.
Add finely chopped garlic and saute till it turns brown
Add fish fillets and cook on both sides.
Finally add milk and full cream and pour above the cooked fish fillets
Squeeze lemon juice and cook for 2 3 minutes more

Take Yellow Zucchini and Green Zucchini and cut them into long slices.
Cook in a grilled pan with salt and pepper

For the Jacket Potatoes :

Boil 2 big potatoes
Allow it to cool down completely
Scoop out a big piece
Take some sprouts, add chopped olives and add the scooped out potato and mash everything nicely.
Add salt n pepper to taste, some grated cheese, some herbs and mix everything well.
Stuff the potatoes with the above mixture.
Bake at 220 degree centigrade till cheese melts
Top with thousand island dressing and serve .

Enjoy your meal friends !!!