Hyderabad Style Lagan Ka Murg

It is a beautifully aromatic dish whose fragrance reminds you of the days of Maharajas with their desert fortresses, lake side palaces and water gardens.

Hyderabadi Lagan Ka Murgh is a Hyderab Style Chicken Curry which is quiet common in the capital but has nothing to do with Marriage or Engagement as what I thought it to be Prima facie. In fact, the word is derived from the fact that Chicken or Murgh is marinated with a lot of ingredients and put on Dum Pukht in a special Lagan Vessel(as they call it) and sealed and cooked on medium to low heat till done. Though the list of ingredients used are extensive, once you have everything sorted, it will be quiet simple to put everything together and cook it. Enjoy it with some Naan and Vegetable Fried Rice. If you do not have a Lagan vessel, you can always use a normal cooking vessel which is thick and flat. I used a clay pot as that’s my favorite cooking vessel. That’s right, I am quiet old school when it comes to cooking.

Let us get starting to prepare this very rich dish with earthern flavours and get the classic dish ready.

What you need for this elaborate dish: 

Chicken 1 kilo ( ofcourse) cut into medium size pieces and cleaned nicely in running water to prevent any traces of blood
1/3rd  cup roasted cashew nuts
1/3rd  cup roasted poppy seeds
1/3rd cup almonds blanched and peeled
½ cup roasted grated dried coconut
1 big onion cut into julians and deep fried or shallow fried till it turns brown
1 inch ginger +  6 to 7 cloves of garlic + 3 to 4 green chili – everything crushed together
4 to 5 tomatoes pureed
3 tbsp oil
1 tsp red chili powder + 1 tsp turmeric powder + 1 tsp coriander powder + Salt to taste
Whole spices like cloves( not put in original recipe but is my favourite among all spice) , few green cardamom and few broken pieces of cinnamon stick .

Steps to make :

Start with marinating chicken. Add curd, turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder and salt to it. Massage the chicken thoroughly using your hands Wear gloves if you don’t want to touch them. Well that’s my favourite part of cooking . Hence I use bare hands for the task.
Since, you have already dry roasted cashew nuts, blanched almonds, roasted poppy seeds and dry coconut or khopra (commonly known as), grind them together to a fine paste. Add some water while grinding to get a smooth paste.
Heat oil in your pot. Now modern clay pots can easily be put over gas stove and cooked as normal.
Add all the whole spices and then add ginger- garlic-green chili paste to it. 
As it cooks, add the smooth dry fruit paste made above. 
Cook for couple of minutes and then pour in the tomato puree. The gravy changes to a nice peach colour.
That’s when you need to add the marinated chicken and then the fried onions, seal and cook chicken for well 45 minutes.
And that’s it. Our Lagan Ka Murgh is ready. Simple and Easy right. I love these kinds of recipes as even if they look utterly complicated, they are extremely simple to prepare.



  1. Hyderabad Chicken curry looks very delicious

  2. Looks so lipsmacking! Cooking in an earthern pot would just take the taste to another level...

  3. Thank You Rafeeda for stopping by and leaving a comment. Much Appreciated :)