Crispy Chicken Salad in Thousand Island Dressing

Salads and Soups have become a perennial part of our meal . A nice hot bowl of soup accompanied by a fresh salad with a nice dressing can even become our lunch or dinner. While salad dressing plays an important part/role , the fruits and vegetables that you are using must be fresh and crispy. Hence, if you are preparing salad in advance, make sure to add dressing and salt at the end just before serving. This helps to keep it fresh and crunchy.

With a bit of imagination, you can create some eye catching salads and create an enjoyable experience. The salad below is inspired from Lovely’s kitchen. While she prepared her own salad using mayo, I have used store bought salad dressing which are some of my favourites.

Play with ingredients to get a different salad everyday if you want to go on a salad diet. This way you will not feel bored of repetition.

To check her salad recipe , click below : 

I do not think I have to give you the recipe in details. Salad is mostly about playing with ingredients. Check the ingredients I have used in the collage below. Take inspiration, use imagination and there you go, you will soon replace your white rice with some healthy salads. The colors are so vibrant, it will definitely boost your appetite. Salt is missing in the picture. But isn't that obvious..However, be careful if you are using store bought dressing as it already has some amount of salt in it.

Replace Paneer with Tofu in case you are allergic to Milk and Milk related products

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