Chicken Kathi Roll with Whole Wheat Lacha Paratha

It’s the age of one pot meal and who says one pot meal has to be a rice dish. It can be bread based dish as well. I belive wraps and roll loaded with veggies and meat  also come in the genre of one pot meal and why not, bread gives us starch while veggies help bring a balanace diet while meat gives us protein. 

You can pack them and stuff your lunch box too making it a totally mess free meal for yourself.
Chicken Kathi Roll when prepared with whole wheat and spiced nicely with a tangy, spicy sauce can become your ultimate comfort and healthy food.

The most famous rolls in India originated in Kolkatta and are renowned in the name of Kolkatta Egg Roll. However, you can take its inspiration and prepared any genious combination of your own. Try adding some leavy vegetables to your wheat flour dough and you can get the satisfactiom of consuming  greens too.

What you need for the filling :

Chicken boneless chunks about 2 cups
½ cup curd
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
Salt and pepper to taste
1 green chili chopped
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp red chili powder
1 tsp garam masala powder
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
Marinate the chicken boneless chunks in the above ingredients for atleast 15 minutes.
Heat about 1 tbsp oil in a skillet.
Add the boness and marinated chicken chunks.
Cook on a medium flame till chicken is juicy and nicely cooked.
Keep the filling aside to be used later.

Take 1 big onion cut into big chunks
Take 1 green capsicum cut into big chunks
In a non stick pan, pour 1 tsp oil and toss onion and capsicum till it’s nicely glazed . Do this on high flame as we don’t want to soften the vegetables. Onion and Capsicum should still have the crunch in it.
Mix the above to the cooked chicken and mix everything nicely.
Other things for the stuffing :
½ cup shredded cabbage (purple or green)
1 onion chopped into thin julians
1 green chili chopped funely
Mix the above together

What you need for the sauce :
Tomatp ketcup
Green Chutney ( few mint leaves  + few coriander leaves + small piece of ginger + lemon juice + salt to taste + green chili . Put everything in the blender and blend to smooth paste without adding any water)

What you need for the outer wrap :

Beat eggs + salt to taste + freshly ground pepper together) Most people people use 1 egg each roll. However, I prefer to divide one egg in two wraps. That way I can stuff it with more veggies.
Wheat Flour dough kneaded with salt and few drops of oil. Add  some fenugreek leaves or spinach leaves to it while kneading to include greens in your meal.

We will make lacha paratha for each wrap and add a thin layer of whisked egg on one side and cook for some more time till eggs are cooked properly. To make lacha paratha, take a lemon size ball and roll into a thin round layer. Brush some oil and then dust some flour on it. Start preparing a fan from one side till you reach the other end. Strech it nicely with both hands. Then make a pinwheel of it. See pictures below if having problem understanding what I have mentioned above. Dust some more flour and roll out to a thin wrap.

Put a non stick pan on your gas stove. Once its hot, gently lift your paratha and put it on tawa. Cook both sides. Once the wrap is half cooked, brush oil on both sides and cook for some more time.
Once wrap is 95% cooked, take it out. Pur few drops of oil in the pan. Pour some eggs and spread it. Now,  place the paratha back on pan. Cover and cook till egss are nicely cooked and leave the pan.
Take it out and keep aside.

Prepare some more wraps in the similar manner.

We will start assembling them together:

Take a big size aluminum foil. Place the wrap on it. Apply ketchup and spread it evenly.
Apply some green chutney and spread it evenly too.
Put some of your chicken stuffing in the centre.
Next put some shredded cabbage and onion.
And then spread some green chutney and sprinkle a lemon juice.
Hold the wrap from one side and fold it so the stuffing is covered woth wrap from all sides.
Its time to wrap the roll made with aluminium foil to prevent stuffing or sauce to drip out.
Repeat the steps to prepare more wraps. Server with green chutney.


  1. sounds yummy and healthy dear.....

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