Orange French Toast & Hash Brown Recipe

So many questions come to the mind when you think about the most common breakfast item of the world which is none other than French toast. When was French toast really invented? Why is it called French Toast and is French Toast really French..

French toast has many other names to it like Gypsy toast or German Toast and is usually made with Milk and Bread and eggs to fix those old or not so fresh bread pieces to make a filling breakfast.
Whether you serve with loads of fruits or dust with powdered sugar or serve with Hash Browns , they are surely a favourite of many egg eaters.

Addition of Vanilla extract, the most expensive spice of the World, is important to preparing the rustic dish to cut down the smell of eggs.

Frankly, the French call it Lost Bread or Pain Perdu but history does not claim that French Toast originated anywhere in France.

I had some store bought oranges lying around which I decided would complement the breads better than to squeeze juice out it . Bread slices soaked in milk , egg and range juice did taste much much better giving the bread a nice fresh aroma. 

Try out this recipe on a sunny Sunday Morning  and make your day brighter with the many compliments coming your way.

Use bread slices which are atleast 3 to 4 days old. This helps the egg to stay with bread when soaked.

What You Need:

1 Whole Wheat Loaf 1 small
2 Milk 2/3 cup
3 Eggs 3
4 Maple Syrup 2 tbsp
5 Vanilla essence 2-3 drops
6 Maple Syrup For Serving
7 Fresh Oranges 2

Steps To Make:

Cut the loaf to 2 cm thick pieces.
Spread it in a flat plate.
Cut 1 orange into 2.
Squeeze out fresh juice.
Beat eggs, milk, maple syrup, vanilla essence, orange juice together.
Grate some orange zest and put in the batter.
Pour this batter evenly on the cut out bread pieces.
Allow it to rest for 5 minutes.
Heat 1 tbsp butter in a non stick pan.
Place 4 pieces of soaked bread on the pan and cook on low flame for 5-6 minutes.
Flip and cook again for 5-6 minutes.
Check eggs are cooked well and you don’t get the raw smell of eggs.
Repeat the process with the remaining bread pieces.
For Serving, place the french toast in a plat.
Spread maple syrup evenly.
Server with fresh cut fruits.

Recipe of Hash Brown :

Take 3 potatoes and peel them. Wash them nicely in running water and grate .
Squeeze the extra water and mix with salt, pepper, 1 egg and some all purpose flour.
Mix everything nicely using a fork.
Heat some oil in a grill pan. Take small portions of the potato mixture and flatten them out.
Cook the hash browns both sides till crispy and nicely done.