Mooli Paratha | Radish Flatbread

Radish is one vegetable which many people fight to include in their everyday meal. Though it is full of nutrients, the pungent taste repels even the biggest foodies.
Grated radish stuffed in flat bread is one way to disguise this less popular vegetable. However, if you want to include regularly, stuffed parathas are no joke. Whom are you kidding, parathas are one of the most loved breakfast and takes equal amount of effort and preparation and practice .

Hence, let us make our life easy by kneading the dough along with spices and grated radish and make an equally splendid breakfast.

What You Need:

3 cups wheat flour
2 big radish grated
Salt to taste
1 tbsp oil
Roasted and ground cumin seeds and coriander seeds 1 tsp each
Red chili powder
Amchoor powder
½ tsp garam masala powder (optional)
Ginger and Garlic paste 2 tsp
Turmeric powder about ½ tsp

Knead everything to a smooth dough by adding water little by little.
Allow the dough to rest in an air tight container for 15 minutes
The radish might leave water when it combines with salt. Hence, you might want to add a little flour knead again after the resting time is over.
Divide them to lemon size balls.
Knead to thin flat bread using a rolling pin
Cook both sides till its nicely done.
Serve with Curry and Dal of your choice.
You can also serve with curd and pickle.


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