The Tallest Minar in India - A UNESCO World Heritage Site Known As Qutb Minar

All of a sudden Delhi has become the most loved and visited travel destination in India. Well a lot has to do with the films, serials and travel magazines which have been capturing and covering the beautiful city .

And why would not be. After all, it is the Capital of our country. It is also the historical city of our country. Delhi looks very green, very clean and very planned or rather organised.

There are few problems definitely. But why look at the negative side.

Being an ardent fan of Historical Places, I found Delhi an archeological wonder. I am happy that many of the monuments are being restored and sad that some have been devastated before something could be done about it.

Never the less, Qutb Minar which was originally constructed by  Qutb-Ud-Din-Aibak who was the first Muslim ruler to mark his presence in the North Of India , and stands tall right in the center of the city surrounded by lush green garden. The place is always crowded by tourists both local and foreign.

Mostly constructed in sandstone, the rest of information about the UNESCO World Heritage site can be found here :

When I visit any historical place or monument, I like to take the picture of monument as it is without any human presence. But is that really possible ? No,Its absolutely impossible.

Taking one for Qutb Minar was almost impossible as people pass through every 5 seconds and that disturbed my focus, I found it really hard to take a nice shot which I would be satisfied with. At the same time, its difficult to capture the entire Minar in one frame.

The intricate work on the zharokha (window) and the light passing through it is breathtaking. Every window has a differnt pattern and we cannot find any goemetrical error.

The Intricate work is reflected through the versus of Quran written and carved beautifully on the extrerior of the Minar.

Here is a picture of the Mosque

And now a picture of the perfect round top of the Tomb. Wonder how could craftsmen with minimal facilities build a perfect tomb when craftsmen in the current times can't even build a perfect two bedroom hall kitchen.

Some more pictures. Love that little door on the top.

Oh finally I did a good shot of the entire Minar in one frame without anybody's presence. Love it.

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