Honey - Healing for Mankind

Since, it is the holy month of Ramadan, let me recite a verse from Quran :

Your Lord revealed to the bees: "Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect. Then eat from every kind of fruit and travel the paths of your Lord, which have been made easy for you to follow." From inside them comes a drink of varying colours, containing healing for mankind. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who reflect.

Hence, even in our holy books, honey is the only food which holds such high regards.

Honey is a miracle . It has healing power. It is the only food which can stay for 3000 years without being contaminated or without loosing any medicinal property.

Since, honey has a natural composition of glucose and fructose, it becomes a quick source of energy and when consumed early morning can increase our exercise power.

Let me tell you from my personal experience that consuming a glass of lukewarm water and a tea spoon of honey mixed with ginger had helped me reduce a lot of unwanted fat from my body.

image source : simpleorganiclife.org

Did you also know that honey has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-bloating properties.
It also acts as an excellent anti-oxidant. And we all know that to live a healthier diet and if we want to loose weight faster, we must must start from consuming antioxidants.

So let us all switch to a healthy diet, replace our milkshakes, our juices and our lemonade to honey instead of sugar. Lets add a tea spoon of honey to our salads. If you are trying to roast chicken, drizzle few drops of honey at the end. And you will get amazing glazing and juicy chicken roast.

How about switching our Masala Chai in the evening to Lemon Honey Tea ?

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All Chinese Food need Sugar to make it yummy. Lets replace it with our miracle food. Honey blends very well with Chinese and Indian Food.

So why not switch to a Honey Diet.

May I also educate you on how honey is made

image source : http://www.compoundchem.com/

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