Food for Hair (External and Internal) - An IndianTradition for healthy hair

Indians not only use a variety of oil for cooking, its most probably a traditional thing to use oil to massage head and scalp. If hair is not oiled, the hair wash is not considered complete.

Most of them use hot coconut oil in India and give a nice massage to the head , scalp and roots and probably keep it overnight to let hair and scalp get the maximum benefit.

While some people give a nice massage with cold oil and then wrap the head and hair with a nice hot towel which is dipped in hot water ad squeezed. The steam in the towel helps the pores to open and absorb oil. Hence, what keeping your hair oiled overnight can do , you could probably do it in two hours i.e. 15 minutes of massage followed by 15 minutes of rest and finishing it with hot towel treatment.

Well I do believe that skin and hair has mostly to do with genes and good food instead of using expensive products. On the other hand, I also believe that, if you are not blessed with a good hair or good skin , you can probably try to fix your diet and take that extra care which might not fix the problems completely but can help in damage control to some extent for sure.

If you stay in a warm place, use the first method to oil over night while if you belong to a humid place, use the second method of oiling hair.

Since, Indians are blessed with Ayurveda and Natural Ingredients can be found easily, why not use them instead of relying on store bought products. I can say so because I do have a problem of severe hair fall. Doctors say, there are 6 major things of hair fall : Lack of Iron, Thyroid, Hemoglobin count, Dieting and Stress. Well, being a workaholic, I know its the stress of office which I being home that's the reason of my hair fall , I do try to use different relaxing techniques.

On the other hand, I have also tried to change my oil and using a mild shampoo by making it at home rather than using the store bought ones because that aggravated my hair fall instead.

I have been making my hair oil at home and using since a year and it definitely helps me. I know the ingredients that gone into it and above all there is no artificial perfume. Many people have sensitive skin which means they have a sensitive scalp too. Hence, perfumed oil might not suite them.

What All do I add in my hair oil and how it benefits you:

1. Coconut Oil : Most easily found oil and is cheap too. Do use the coconut oil for cooking rather than the ones you get in store in the name of coconut hair oil. There is a different between the two. It is a rich anti-oxidant and can be used to remove makeup too. Use it sometimes for cooking if not everyday.s

2, Almond Hair Oil: Rich in Vitamin E and can be consumed raw too. Also, use it in raw form.

3. Olive Oil : Its a very light oil. Hence, it is best suited for oily hair. You can also use olive oil only if you have a very oily hair and scalp. There is so much gaga over Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil that I do not reiterate its benefits again.

4. Mustard Oil ; This is our Grand Mother's favourite oil.Its very effective in stimulating blood circulation and also keeps body warm and moisturized during winter

5. Some Methi Seeds : Use in generous quantity. It helps to remove dandruff and is quiet effective,

6. Curry Leaves : Again in generous amount. It stimulates hair growth. It should be consumed in raw form if possible or added to food.

7.Garlic : The most important and effective ingredient to keep fungus away. It stimulates hair growth and stops hair flow. It should also be added to food as much as possible. If you can eat it raw, there is nothing that can beat it. I tried .However, I had to spit it out as its very pungent and had to drink water and rub sugar to get away from the burning sensation.

Mix everything in equal amounts. Boil for some time till the froth is removed from top.
Do not burn the garlic completely. Allow it to cool. Store in jar and use it. You can strain the oil before massaging into oil.

I will again repeat my words, treating anything internally is more effective then external treatement. Treatment should be long term rather than short term.

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