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Agra , the historical city of Uttar Pradesh is the most visited place of India because of none other that the beautiful and enchanting Taj Mahal. The Taj Palace or the grandest white marbel tomb build by the great emperor Shah Jahan in memory of the beloved wife that took 22 long years of construction has been attracting tourists all over the world and is also one of the 7 wonders of the world.

However, if you are planning to visit Agra as your next travel  destination, there is more to Agra than just the Taj.  It was also the residence of most of the Moghul Kings like Akbar the great who build parts of Agra Fort and the beautiful city if Fatepur Sikri, Jehangir or Salim, first Son of Akbar and Manbai (whom the world calls Jodha Bai today) and Shah Jahan who completed the construction of the Agra Fort and spent the last days of his life building and looking at Taj Mahal.

Hence, do not visit Agra to see only the Taj Palace. Rather, extend your stay to couple of days or more to see   and cherish all the beautiful monuments which marks some of the great architectural wonder or the Mughal Era.

What can you see the first day :

 Akbar’s Tomb : One of the biggest thing to note about Mughal King is that none of them died in any of the war whether they won or lost. Mughal King were also known to decide and build their tomb where they wish to be cremated after they left the world. Akbar was no different. He built himself a beautiful tomb outside the city of Agra in Sikandara. The place is still surrounded by a huge garden. The garden is like a park. You can see spotted dear, black buck deer happily grazing in the garden. You can also hear sounds from peacock and can be lucky to spot a few as well.

Agra Fort : It was build by Akbar the Great . The fort is mostly made in Sand Stone. It is grand and right in the centre of the city. It has also been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see the Deewan-e-Khas (Court of Royal Dignitaries) and Diwan-e-aam ( The Common Man Court). There is a beautiful garden right at the centre of the fort.  The parts of the fort are made in white marbel which was mostly build by Shah Jahan. You can also see the beautiful Taj from Agra Fort right across Yamuna River.

Itimad-ud-Daulah: The fort was built by Mehrunisa, the last wife of Jahangir, son of Akbar in honor of her Father . Jahangir had met Mehrunisa when he was send to Afganistan to join the duty at the border by Akbar. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately he could not marry her as her father had already fixed her daughter’s marriage with the governor of Bengal. Later, when Jahangir became the emperor, he made sure he marries Jahangir after making necessary arrangements by releasing her from her present marriage.

Fatepur Sikri: The city build by Abkar the great in honour of the Saint Sufi Seikh Salim Chisti. It is said in the history that when Akbar wanted to have his descendent, it was the Saint Sufi who had predicted that he would soon have a son. Hence, one Jahangir was born, the beautiful city was erected. Though,  the Mughal resided within the city for some time, the lack of easy access to water caused them to move back to Red Fort.

Taj Mahal: I save the best for the last, You can possibly not visit Taj when you visit Agra. Well, the real tomb is build some 6 feet deeper and what you see on top is replication of the same. The beautiful carving on the wall, one the ceiling, the versus of Quran written on the sides, the whiteness of the Tomb, the grandness of the monument is something which stays with you for a long long time.  You can also get a view of the Taj Mahal and the mosques built on either side of the tomb from the Mughal Garden.

If you have already visited this place, you would know very well how Agra stays and grows within you. If you have not visited this place, then it’s time to do soon. The place can be reached by road or train. The nearest airport would be Delhi Airport and the place is connected by the Delhi Yamuna Express. And what better place to stay than in Taj , Agra  whose location is excellently located that you can view the beautiful from every room. Well, you have other good properties as well apart from Taj like the ITC, Radission etc if you are looking for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

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