Nutritious Egg Dosa / Muttai Dosai

Do I need to give to you all a boring lecture on how important breakfast is ? Or give you the importance of eating eggs. Naahh !!! Everybody who is health conscious and loves to eat good food definitely appreciates the benefits of eating eggs during breakfast. And now for all those people who are bored of having normal egg recipes like omelette or poached eggs or scrambled eggs, here is another interesting recipe for all. Egg Dosa. Yes, its yummy and nutritious and extremely filling. Generally people break one egg on each dosa. However, I usually prefer to beat one egg and divide among 3 dosas. Thats how I like my egg dosas to be.

What You Need:

Normal Dosa batter : Use any Dosa batter of your choice.
Eggs - crack and whisk them
salt to taste
pepper to taste
chopped onions
chopped capsicum
chopped tomatoes
some idli chutney powder
oil for cooking.

Steps To Make:

Take a serving spoon full of batter and spread evenly on a greased and hot tawa.
Gently spread some whisked egg batter
Sprinkle salt and pepper
Next spring chopped vegetables.
Finally sprinkle chutney powder
Gently pour few drops of oil
Cover and cook on high till the dosa is cooked and it leaves the pan.
Serve with a nice coconut chutney.


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