Zero Oil Sabudana Appe

Appe Making cookwares are amazing.And when you have one made up of cast iron, they can do wonders in your kitchen. I have been experimenting lately with it and I am pretty shocked and happy with the results. They make for a perfect evening tea time snack.

Sabudana Wada is a favourite of many. However, the amount of oil it soaks in when fried is definitely not recommended. You can use Air fryer to make sabudana wada. However, if you want an easy and cheap way out, appe making cookware would be the most ideal substitute.

What You Need:

Ingredients would be the same as Sabudana Thalipeeth Mentioned here

Steps To Make:

Make small round balls and put one in each mould.
Cook on all sides
Serve with sweetened curd

Note: add 1 drop of oil in each mould if you dont want zero oil.. Still it is better than deep frying them

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