Zero Oil Spring Onion cooked in Toor Dal

Zero oil recipes comes under Spa Cuisine when you try to relax your stomach by not offering any complex food to digest. They not only help to cleanse your digestive track, they also give your stomach some rest. I would recommend everybody special people who eat a lot of non veg food to try out spa cuisine at least once a week. This helps you to detox your body and keeps you fit and healthy.

What You Need:

Toor Dal about 1/4th cup
Rice about 1 tsp
1 bunch of spring onion chopped
1 green chili chopped
1/2 tsp or even less salt
2 tbsp grated coconut

Steps to Make:

Bring 1 litter of water to boil in a sauce pan.
Add washed and soaked toor dal and rice.
Once dal is 80% cooked, add chopped spring onions, chopped green chilies, salt and grated coconut.
Cook till spring onion , dal and rice are nicely cooked.
Mix together with help of a fork.
Its ready to serve. You can have it with Bhakri or normal Phulka

Note : You can also add 1tsp of coconut oil to it which is an excellent detox. However, you cannot call it a zero oil recipe in that case.