Marrakesh Restaurant : The Best Lebanese Food in Pune City

Marrakesh Restaurant
 Long time since I have written about any restaurant or posted any recipe. I think it’s time that I buckle up my shoes and write about my new Love which is a Lebanese Restaurant that serves THE BEST Kebabs and Biryani in the town. Yes, it can actually compete with the Best of Biryani Makers with their flavours and taste.

I have a special place for Chicken in my heart and they have cracked the secret of how to prepare the most awesome Chicken Tikka Biryani. Little Spicy but the flavours are almost impossible to guess. I have tried to replicate many times  in kitchen but I have not succeeded yet.

Nizami Murg Tikka

Since, my office is keeping me very much per-occupied these days, I have become a regular at their place or just dial +(91)-20-40414068 when I know that I will be late for the day and will not be able to reach home on time for dinner and get a parcel of biryani or shwarma wrapped.

What Marrakesh Recommends Most

The other items which are must try are Zatar Naan , Garlic Naan, Hare Pyaz ka Kulcha in the bread items, Nali nihari, Mutton Roghan josh and Baydra (chicken) Bhuna and Moutabel(Eggplant Dip) in gravy.

Chicken Tikka Biryani

God, the taste of each dish unique and still you will never be tired of it. Infact, I have stopped eating anywhere else. If I have to eat outside, I have the phone number in my speed dial list ready.

Try out guys, you will be blown away by what Marakessh has to offer.  They are already doing an outstanding business and have opened close to 5 branches in Pune. I wish them All the best and success. May the restaurant open a branch in every city of India and spread the amazing food amonst all.

A glimpse of of the most busy kitchen.

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