Book Review : God is a Gamer by Ravi Subramaniam

Honestly, I had not read any of Ravi Subramaniam’s earlier Work, though I am the one who always prefers reading thriller over romance or philosophy.  Since, I do not like to read too much misery, I was apprehensive when Blogadda asked me to review this book. I didn't know what to except as the name on cover reminded me of one of the most famous monologue by Rajesh Khanna in the movie Anand “Yeh Duniya Ek Rang Manch Hai Aur Hum Sab Ek Kathputhli Jiski Dor Upar Wale ki Hathon Me Bandhi Hai”.

However, the Author is a revelation to me. While, one is trying all means to climb the Corporate Ladder, other one is trying hard to outsmart the rest , few playing the blame game because something didn't work out, while somewhere someone is helpless succumbing to circumstances, the disappointments, the tension, the stress, the competition, the feeling of joy when you succeed, the pressure of delivery, you get a feel of everything. Clearly, Ravi's vast experience in Banking Industry reflects through his work.

Few credit cards from a Multinational Bank have been forged. Drug Dealers who run an online website unknowingly get involved in it. The CEO of the Bank commits suicide or has been murdered ?? As the plot moves swiftly  between Mumbai, Washington , Goa , Delhi, Singapore, groups like FBI and CBI get together to investigate. The daughter of the CEO points to Finance Minister of India as the Murderer. The Chief Staff of the President of USA gets assassinated . Is it a co-incidence or its all planned. Who is the Pink Elephant here..

Love is brewing between the daughter of the murdered CEO and the son of a big IT Giant who once worked for the same robbed Bank and is now the head of the BPO that runs the Operation for the Bank which is going through surveillance because of the Scam. He is also launching a new Game though his Ventured Gaming Company. But it’s not going good. The sales are dropping, His Company is losing spot. Will he be able to gain his lost reputation and come out clean. What has the drug mafia to do with his Gaming Company and BPO Operations.

The story moves fast, people are thinking quick and actions are being taken without any delay. Its hard to keep yourself from turning the page. But by the time I completed this book, I was exhausted. 

Justice was done at the end. Sometimes, Gods way of taking revenge is different but did God actually take a revenge and played a nice game. Sometimes it’s good to be bad and sometimes bad to be good. Sometimes people decide to become God and take revenge instead.

Though, I feel the detailed explanation at the end of the story was not needed, I would love to see the book turned to a television sitcom.

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