Shahi Murg Korma | Chicken Shahjahani | Chicken Mughlai

Shah Jahan and his love for his wife Mumtaz is no ordinary love story. Shah Jahan built the famous Taj Mahal as the epitome of love for his wife after she left him while giving birth to their last girl child. This left him completely devastated and left him immensely emotional. He spent the rest of his life building the Mecca of love and  the last years of his life looking at Taj Mahal from Agra Fort where he was house arrested by his son Aurangzeb whileYamuna  or Jamuna River flowing in between him and his wife.

Minaret also made of White Marble

The grandness of the monument leaves people flabbergasted. The detailing with which the tomb of Mumtaz is build, the carvings of the masons and artisans which has stood the test of time ,goes on to show the opulence and magnificence of Moghul Emperor. It is said that the emperor himself took a very personal interest in the design and had a fine appreciation of architecture. The tomb is built entirely with white marble and was ornamented with precious metals like gold and silver and expensive gems like ruby and emerald though they have been removed now by the ones who ruled India after Mughals. Whatever remains is enough to impress and leaves people imagining what it would have looked liked then. Huge amount of Royal treasure must have been spent as it is the most expensive monument today on the earth. It is believed and read in the books which were written during those time by people who covered the life of Royal Family that real gems were used to match the flowering pattern, the leafs and petals ,done on the monument wall to match exact color if not the fragrance.

Yamuna River on the back side of Taj Mahal

Yamuna River on the back side of Taj Mahal

Mosque near Shah Jahan

Beautiful Carvings

Ayat from Holy Quran

Flower Pattern Work

Mughals have not only left behind many more monumental miracles like the Agra Fort, Humayun’ Tomb, Taj Mahal to name a few, they have also left behind a rich culture which includes the mughal cuisine. Chicken Jahangiri , Chicken Shahjahani, Shahi Korma are some names which we see in almost all restaurants serving Mughlai cuisine. We all love the cuisine and we all love the richness of the food which this cuisine offers.

Well, since the post is dedicated to Shah Jahan, the dish will also have its name. You can call it Shahi Korma but it tastes very similar to Chicken Shahjahani which I once had at Taj in Agra. Hence, I believe the recipe is authentic. I picked this recipe from Kainaaz’s Blog who has some really good and Authentic Parsi Recipes to offer which I love. Do visit her blog here. I made some minor changes in my recipe to suit the palate.

What You Need to make this Royal dish:

1 kilo chicken cut into small pieces and cleaned nicely.
2 onions + 1 tsp ginger + 1 tsp garlic ground + 2 green chilies ground to fine paste
2 tomatoes pureed
2 tbsp curd whisked nicely
1/2 cup milk + handful of cashew nuts blend to a smooth paste
1/2 tsp white pepper powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp garam masala
3 cardamom + 2 bay leaves + 3 cloves + 1 cinnamon stick + 1 mace
salt to taste
sugar to taste
green coriander for garnishing
few cashew nuts fried in ghee
few strand of saffron soaked in 1/3rd cup of warm milk
3 tbsp ghee

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Steps To Make:

Since, it is the royal korma, we will be using ghee to prepare the dish.
Take a non stick pan and heat ghee. Add the whole spices and the ground onion paste.
Cook the paste very nicely in ghee till it turns light burn in color. Onions need to be cooked thoroughly else you will get a different taste completely.
Next add the pureed tomatoes, turmeric powder, white pepper powder, red chili powder and cover the kadai. Cooking tomatoes is the most difficult and intricate part of any recipe. It should be cooked to perfection. If you over cook, your tomatoes burn. If under cooked , the taste of dishes changes completely.
Once you know that the tomatoes are half cooked, add chicken pieces, salt and sugar to taste.
Cover and cook again. Chicken will release a lot of water. Let chicken cook in its own juices.
Mix curd with milk and cashew paste. Add this to the chicken.
Finally add saffron milk. Check the amount of gravy. If its very less, add little water and cook for some more time. If you think , the consistency is good , you can switch off the flame.
Take it out in a serving bowl. Garnishing is very important.
Sprinkle coriander leaves and fried cashews.
Enjoy the Shahi Khana right at your dining table.

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  1. with cream and curd this must have tasted yummy. No doubt Soma
    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Yummy chicken dish...Just right for a filling heart warming meal:)

  3. Shahi murg looks delicious and I liked the addition of cream which made tasty I believe. Feel like having it now.