Miracles Do Happen Here

It was Half past 9 and I was still in office. I had to collect my e-tickets, take some last minute print outs, send some last minute emails and take the cab to board the last plane to Chennai which was scheduled for 11:30 pm. I had a training to conduct for the new joinees whom we call as Fresher’s in the Corporate World over the weekend. I started completing my tasks one after another and cut them off from my check list. I packed all stuff, papers, laptop, swiped out and took the stairs instead of the lift to save time. My driver was waiting outside. I immediately waved and opened the door and plunged myself on the back seat. “Bhaiya Chalo Jaldi !!” . Btw, every 1 out of 5 man we deal in India is our Bhaiya(Brother).

It was Friday, how could we reach the airport easily. Roads were heavily congested as everybody wants to reach home early and start the weekend as soon as possible. It took me nearly an hour to reach the airport which would normally take 30 minutes in normal traffic. I was damn hungry, not a morsel of food had gone into my stomach since lunch. Thankfully my stay was for 1 day and I didn’t have a luggage to check in. I collected my boarding pass , passed through security check and decided to freshen up. Being a girl how could I miss the mirror in the washroom. Damn, look at me. I look like a dry leaf who was perhaps not watered and tortured in Sun. Not having slept properly since a couple  of days, deliveries, meetings, trainings , house responsibilities had taken a toll on me and my face. It was clear and evident that I needed rest and sleep. Anyways, I quickly grabbed a sandwich and an Apple Juice. Atleast, I could give some rest to my Stomach which would otherwise start making sound to embarrass me.

The journey was quick. Thankfully, the company had arranged for a chauffeur who was holding my name up and clear. I happily waved at  him. Within 20 minutes, I was in my room in the guesthouse. No time to have dinner now. It had already crossed 1 in the midnight and I decided to catch up on sleep as I had only 6 hours to close my eyes, however, sometimes when you are too tired, you just can’t sleep and then suddenly its 7 am when my hubby called me. But I didn't snooze for a change.

I woke up immediately as I had to prepare for the day. Training the Fresher’s is no easy job. You do not know how they are going to receive you. They could either sleep in the class or throw bouncers at you. And I had the biggest task ahead of me. I needed to look Fresh and Presentable. I decided to take a shower. Blistering Barnacles, how could I forget my shampoo and makeup kit. I had read somewhere if you sprinkle baby powder and comb, it can take you long for a day at least. I quickly fixed my hair . What about my face. I already look like a swollen bear. A small cup of tea didn’t do much wonder. I started hounding  the pockets of my bag. Wallah..I found a small pouch of Garnier BB Cream which my beautician cousin had given me once and had highly recommended. I decided to give it a try.  I washed my hands and my face with normal soap, poured it out on my palms, put some polka dots just under the eye to remove those dark circles which had started appearing over the week, some on the forehead and the rest evenly across the face, gently massaged and applied some lip gloss, My attire was ready and ironed.

By 9 am , I was in my office and inside the training room. I completed the day which went quiet well . The Freshers were enthusiast and eager than I had expected.
I took the plane back to Pune the same day and threw myself on the bed only to get up at 10 am the next day recovering the sleep I had missed for the entire week. I decided to open the bag and started going through the feedback forms. I was happy to see the positive feedback and response I got from my junior colleagues. They had rated me 4.25/5 on an average which is not bad.

When you look good, you feel confident. When you feel confident, you feel you can accomplish. And that is exactly what Garnier had given me that day to look my best in the limited resource and limited time. I would recommend Garnier BB Cream to everybody and would buy it myself as it surely saves you from having disasters.

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