Happy Navratri: Worship Goddess Siddhidatri on Tithi : Shasthi , Day-9

The ninth among the Shakti Roopas is Goddess Siddhidatri. According to Markandaya Puran, there are eight Siddhis - Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Iishitva and Vashitva. It is said in "Devipuran" that the Supreme God Shiva got all these Siddhis by worshipping Maha Shakti. With her gratitude, half body of Shiva merged with the Goddess and he got his name "Ardhanarishvar". Ardhanarishwar swaroop is Shiva+Shakti.

Goddess Siddhidatri is four-armed. Her vehicle is lion. She sits on a lotus flower and holds a Chakra in her lower right hand and a mace in the upper. In the lower left hand there is a conch and in her upper left hand a lotus flower.

On the ninth day of Navratra, if a seeker worships the goddess with complete faith, he acquires all the Siddhis. There remains nothing unattainable in the universe. Goddess Siddhidatri is the grantor of 26 different wishes to Her devotees.

After the completion of Siddhidatri's worship the devotees spiritually moves in the divine abode of the Devi and is always blessed by her forever.

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