Cabbage Pathrode Upama

What is pathrode and what is its upama. Let me explain the recipe before I give you the technique to prepare it. Pathrode traditionally is made up of Colocasia/Arbi leaves which is marinated in spicy chickpea flour paste, rolled and steamed. It is then cut into slices and tempered with oil and curry leaves. But I think you can use any leafy vegetable and give variation to your recipe. Cabbage is also a leafy vegetable instead the leaves are too wide and round. I used the same method to cook cabbage because I had a very big piece of cabbage sitting in fridge and how long can 2 people eat the same vegetable. This prompted me to try out something different and I came up with Cabbage Pathrode Upama. I have used Rice Rawa because that’s what I had in stock. Use Suji Rawa in case you don’t have Idli Rawa. I think you can use any daal instead of rawa combination as well. However, if you are using daal, make sure you soak in water well in advance , grind to paste and then steam it. Choice is yours. It make for a very healthy breakfast, quiet filling and no compromise on the taste.

What You Need:

Finely Chopped Cabbage 3 cups
Suji Rawa or Rice Rawa 1 cup
Salt to taste

To Roast in oil :

6 to 7 Bedki Chili
1 tbsp fenugreek seeds
1 tbsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 cup grated coconut
1 tbsp split green moong daal
1 tbsp oil

To make a fine paste :
Roasted spices mentioned above
1 tbsp jaggery or Gur
2 tbsp tamarind paste
Water just enough to help smooth grinding

Mix Rice Rawa, ground Paste and Cabbage.
Add salt to taste
Add pinch of hing
Add water if consistency is too dry

Grease a steaming plate with oil and steam in boiling water for 25 to 30 minutes.
Cool it down and crumble with hand or cut finely with a knife.

For tempering :
1 tsp mustard seeds
Few curry leaves
Few Cashew Nuts chopped
1 tbsp channa daal
1 tsp urad daal
Chopped Coriander leaves
Chopped green Chilies
1 tbsp oil

Heat the oil. Add mustard seeds and allow it to crackle.
Then add curry leaves, hing and green chilies.
Fry the cashew nuts. Add the cooked and crumbled cabbage pathrode.
Add chopped coriander leaves. Mix everything well.
Your yummy Upama made from cabbage pathrode is ready.

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