As India get increasingly globalized, the world is getting increasingly 'Indianized'

In 2007 when India's biggest Conglomerate "Tata" which is also the India's steel giant acquired British steel maker Corus  and again in 2008 Tata, which is also an Indian auto giant acquired the most reputed brand of British Motor Industry "Jaguar and Land Rover" from an American auto giant "Ford" in 2008, It was one of the biggest takeovers in Indian and British history. It just not made every Indian feel proud, but also sent a message to the world that India is going global. It did not stop here, Indian companies continued to acquire global brands in tune to $50 billion and even companies from outside came to India for setting up their manufacturing plant and shared service centres.

When American, Japanese, German, Italian and Korean automobile giants like Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Hyundai decided to setup their manufacturing plants in India, it was a very clear signal from the world that they are very much interested to do business with India and want to be part of the success story. It was a win-win situation for India and the world. New jobs were created in India, the cost of manufacturing a car was getting reduced considerably and they were able to export it from India to the World. It helped many global corporate to survive the fierce competition as well as come out of the big economic depression.

India has multiple issues. There is population explosion, transportation and traffic congestion, corruption, politics, energy and various others. Still despite all odds, things get done here.  India is a miracle. It’s like a Bottle of Coca Cola today which you have shaken for 65 years . Now, you don’t want to stand in its way.

 India exports people, who are really smart, to the entire World. After all, India produces the most talented Engineers, Doctors and MBA Graduates. Don’t we count the IIT and IIM grads the smartest and most influential people of the country. Hence, when Vikram Pandit became the CEO of Citigroup, it was not a surprise but an element of pride for us all. Every fortune 500 company keeps hunting for IIT grads and IIM Grads. The World knows today that India supplies brain power and is considered a hot commodity. You speak of Indian Globalization and it would be unfair to not mention Infosys and Narayan Murthy. The World considers Indian IT Industry synonymous with Infosys.  It is needless to say what Indian IT Industry has given to the Entire World. When a person in America or Europe might be sleeping or having dinner or partying with friends on a late Saturday Evening, his accounts might be getting reconciled on the weest of wee hours.

India has already become the land of Billion Opportunities. It’s a land of rich culture and history spanning to the age of Dravidians and today it is seen as an economic superpower. It has become a land who is attracting a lot of investments throughout the World.  We are not only the Nation of fastest growth rate of GDP worldwide with huge amount of Foreign Direct Investment every year, we also have a young talent pool to support it where 65 % of its population is less than 35 years.. It is not surprising to see Unites States being run by 35% of Indian Doctors , 36% of Indian Scientist in NASA, 34% of Engineers in Microsoft and 28% of Engineers in IBM.

India is a nation where the demand of home, transportation, food and clothing is increasing every day. We have about 2 million of car sale every year and 124 million air passengers per year and count increasing year by year. India never invaded any country in last 10000 year. However, today you can feel Indian presence everywhere. Be it Indian Hospitability or Ayurveda or Yoga or Cuisine, India has found the finest place in every society.

When it comes to Hospitality, India treats God As Guests (Atithi Devo Bhava) and so does Lufthansa the biggest British Airline Company. They are indeed the best in Class. They excel in customer satisfaction even in the toughest of market competion, tough cost pressures and high demand customers. Lufthansa can deliver and perform in the toughest of situation just like India who performs and develops in all circumstances. Lufthansa’s decision to be more Indian certainly complements each other. The soul is Indian German, the form is German Indian. It can be said with full conviction that All Lufthansa Travels are going to benefit from it and have a Fascinating Travel Experience.

This topic was a must write for me. I dedicate this post to all Proud Indians and to those who make India Proud. It has been written for Lufthansa Moreindianthanyouthink by indiblogger

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