Lifetime chance to walk along with a superstar

The reason I called it a superstar as you can see a star mark on top of one of its eye,which gave him the name "Star Male" and he is the most wanted male among the tigresses of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

I was very lucky to see him walking. I wanted to share the same experience with you all through my photographs.

T-28 , also known as Sitara or Star Male because of the 5 point star mark above his eyes is the most handsome majestic and the actual pride of Ranthambore National Park. I consider myself lucky enough to get a life time chance to spend a total of 30 minutes in the park and walk along his side near the Malik Talab on April 26, a hot summer Afternoon of the year 2012.

T-28 or Sitara has one brother T-29 who was equally handsome and used to rein in the interiors of the jungle in the Berda - Lakkarda - Bandarwal ki Baori area but was soon found injured by the forest officers. Even though he was tranquilized and treated, he has been missing after that.

T-28 and T-29 were born to T-2 or X Male (father) and T-27 (mother) . X Male was the most dominating Male Tiger of the Tiger Reserve during that time, roughly around 2006.

Today, T-28 is one of the few leading males of Ranthambore. His areas include the areas of Jhalara, Nalghati almost the entire Mandoop plateau, Lakkarda and the three lakes (Padam Lake, Raj Bagh and Malik Lake).

The Lady of the Lakes – Machli(T-16) and her daughters : T-17 and T-19 had occupied one of his territory. But then soon after started the war between the two. T-16 used to be a strong tigress .The war continued for a long time. However, as Machli started getting old, T-28 soon took over the place and T-16 had to make peace with him

Picture Source (Imroz Baig , My Better Half)


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