Burn Fat faster with RiteBite as Fat Steals Your Youth

Certain traits like colour of hair, intelligence, skin color etc are inherited from your parents. However, we must make efforts to maintain our weight. There are many factors that determine how healthy we are. Some factors are in the genes and some depends on us.

Loosing weight or slimming has become the buzzword these days. With Susmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai and Diana Hayden winning the world’s top beauty contests, people specially women have become more particular about their bodies and figures.

Women today yearn for hour glass figures and they have begun counting their calories. Even among male models, the slim ones are more in demand today. They eat less to reduce weight and follow a diet plan.

So are you overweight ? Not at all, Just a little or Seriously …If you are overweight, you should reduce your weight by eating less fat and more of fiber and exercising more. People who are overweight, tend to die earlier than those who are of average weight.

Thus, we must exercise right and eat right. Our food must contain the right proportion of the following things : Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber, Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins.
To have well toned body and weight under control, we must include the 6 vital ingredients in our diet in right proportion. However ,if you are one who wants a perfect figure with well toned muscles and thighs and flat stomach, it needs extra care and extreme self discipline and self control. You need training and supervision under dietitian and trainers.  It is not easy and requires motivation and dedication.

People who work for 6 pack abs or strong thighs know how important protein and fiber takes part in their regular. Proteins helps to release amino acids to be released which are used as building blocks in the formation of new cells. Fiber regulates cell metabolism by influencing the digestion and absorption of energy producing ingredients.

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When I got Max Protein Energy Bars from Natural India Private Limited, I instantly realized who would benefit from it. The Bars are loaded with protein, fiber, all 21 vitamins and minerals, electrolytes , omega 3 which is available in fish and hence good for vegetarians. The bars claim to regain your energy levels and help is rebuilding and recovering muscles.

In today’s fast paced life, when people often tend to skip meals to remain fit, RiteBite from Natural helps you prevent health problems caused due to skipped lunches/breakfast. It takes only 2 minutes to complete your lunch and can be consumed as a meal replacement.

The Max Protein Lunch comes in 3 flavours – Choco Slim which tastes more like chocolate and dry fruits, Choco fudge which is a little sticky type and Honey Lemon. The honey lemon looks the best and most appetizing. However, the choco slim was the tastiest. Personally I feel taste of honey lemon can be improved.
These 20 grams bars are good choice if you want to go on a diet plan, want an athlete body, a body builder or a Corp Executive who has a hectic life with no time to have a proper lunch.

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