The Side Effects of Food Blogging and the Secret to make a Healthy and Tasty Baked Lauki Ka Kofta

I will give you an honest glimpse of the life of a food blogger.

I say proudly to people that I am a food blogger. People ask me so what you do in that. I have a page of my own, in which I post my recipes. People ask, Have you invented those recipe or post the traditional ones . I post the normal recipes, sometimes I change the ingredients. If the output is better, I update my blog with the new ingredient. It’s a continuous learning process. I have owned some recipes for sure like Spring Onion and Cabbage Paratha , Paneer and Methi Biryani , Chocolate and Mango Cupcake etc (There were no recipes around when I had blogged it first time)

Have you actually cooked those recipes and taken its picture or using somebody else. Now serious bloggers know it’s a crime to use and take others pictures. Many bloggers have become the victim of plagiarism. Thanks to the technology , we have finally managed to come out of it.

So yes, I only cook food and post pictures. That's what I do here ..No big deal about it !!

But I will discuss some of the side effects of blogging here :

1)       I have spoilt my husband. Earlier he used to jump in the name of eating outside. Now even if we eat at 5 star, he is not satisfied (which happens when I adamantly say no to enter kitchen) . After paying the bill, he would invariably make this statement- “ I think you can make better than this for the price we paid”. Ok now I know, this restaurant has got a full stop forever.

2)      My husband thinks cooking is like writing ABC to me. I feel he somehow has that over confidence in me than I myself have on me. Even if I am dead tired, he knows I can drag my feet till the kitchen and magically invent some great dish for him.

3)      He feels like the king of house where he will be served all the Shahi Bhog because the dish has to go to the blog, it can’t be bad.

4)      I can never keep a cook. I cannot expect him/her to read my mind when it comes to what to be put and what not to be put. I find it easier to chop/cut/cook up a recipe than spend energy in explaining what I expect him to do.

5)      Loads and Loads of Dishes. One for cooking, one for taking pictures , one for eating and one for storing left overs. Next comes the cleaning part. No Maid sticks at my house seeing the amount of utensils that come out. How can 2 people eat food of 10 people.

6)      Taking pictures is an art and needs skill. Food has to look good because we eat with our eyes first. I keep thinking of lights / angles /plating / aperture /shutter speed/ ISO all the time. I am no technical in those stuff and many pictures of mine are out of focus. I keep taking lessons of photography from my hubby (who is more of a wild life photographer) and my colleague. Thankfully they are always ready to share knowledge.  Some I had even taken with flash light on .How could I do that blunder.

7)      My friends think I am the connessuire. When we go out for food, I am handed over the menu. It’s a big responsibility. I know my taste. I cannot guarantee theirs. However, at the same time , I always get the preference to decide the venue.

8)      Do you know the most difficult part of food blogging. You have prepared the food. You are hungry. Your family is hungry. Nothing can irritate them more if you ask them, please wait I have to take a picture of the food. Till I get a good angle and light, the food is cold. And if its Ice Crème, its already melted. If you wait for all to finish the food so you can take some good shots with a relaxed mind you are at a risk buddy. You might end up with empty plate staring at you.

I will not point them as positive or negative. That’s why  I mentioned Side Effects earlier ..Isn’t it !!!

And now the healthiest and tastiest lauki ka kofta :

What You Need for the Gravy:

2 onions grated
2 tomatoes grated
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 cup curd
1 tsp corn flour mixture
Salt to taste
1 tbsp Dry Mint Leaves
1 tsp kasuri methi
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp red chili powder
1 green chili chopped
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp methi or fenugreek seeds
2 cups water
1 tsp dry mango powder

What You need for the Kofta:

2 small or 1 big lauki grated
2 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp bread crumbs
2 tbsp besan or chick pea flour
Salt to taste
1 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp dry mango powder

Steps To Make:

Sprinkle salt on grated bottlegourd. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Squeeze water.
Dont remove water completely as balls will become too dry after baking.
Add rest of the ingredients. Mash well.
Make small balls.
Place on a baking tray.Spray some oil.
Bake at 220 degree centigrede for 20-25 minutes.
Roll them at frequent intervals. Kofta is ready.

Heat oil in a wok.
Add cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds.
Add ginger garlic.
Add grated onions, green chilies and saute for 5 minutes.
Add grated tomato, red chili powder, turmeric powder and cumin powder.
Cook well till you see oil on the side.
Reduce flame .
Mix curd, cornflour, water, dry mint leaves, kasuri methi and salt to taste.
Add this mixture to the wok.
Cook on low flame for 10 minutes.
Your gravy is ready- thick creamy and spicy.
Add you koftas. Serve hot with roti.

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