MTR Vermicelli Phirni

The look of a dish is very important. It increases your appetite and pleases the eye. Hence, as long as the  essence of a dish is not altered, we can be as creative as possible. This recipe below is an after effect of the same. I started with making Vermicelli Kheer. But the end result was not pleasing me. So how can I convince my friend to relish the dish.

The name must be surprising or may be shocking to many. The Authentic Phirni Recipe is a Kashmiri Sweet Dish. It is made up of Powdered Rice Powder and slowly cooked in milk and flavoured with kesar, cardamom and sugar and garnished with dry fruits.

The taste of this recipe is no different from the original recipe and makes a perfect ending to any Indian Meal. The cooking time is much less than the original phirni recipe.

Lets get to the recipe

What You Need:

1 cup Vermicelli
3 and 1/2 cups milk
2/3rd cup sugar for people who prefer lesser sweet (Increase the sweetness as per your preference)
2 cardamom
few strands of kesar (saffron)
handful of cashew nuts, raisins, almonds and makhana(lotus seeds)
Pista for garnishing.
2 tbsp ghee for frying

Steps To Make:

Heat ghee in a non stick pan.
Fry cashew nuts. Take them out. Fry raisins and remove from pan.Repeat with almonds and makhana.
Next fry Vermicelli till it turns brown.
Add 2 cups of milk, add cardamom and saffron and cook in low flame.
After about 12 to 15 minutes, the Vermicelli will increase in size and absorb all the milk.
At this time, add dry fruits to it.
Remove cardamom. Allow it to cool down. Pour in a blender and blend to a smooth paste.
Put it back to the pan.
Add the remaining milk, cardamom and sugar to taste.
Gently whisk with an egg beater till it blends well with the milk.
After 5  to 6 minutes, your phirni will be ready.
Allow phirni to cool down. Garnish with Pistachio.