CCD ..Cafe Coffee Day @ Seasons Mall , Magarpatta City

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) is taking on McDonalds and Star bucks together with Coffee and various munching options. You can now find them in most of the common places of a city as well as now in almost all National Highways of India. They are on an expansion streak and growing by leaps and bounds.  A boon for those, who love to travel by road. Their locations are strategically placed helping you take the much needed break.

But I am not recommending here just any CCD, it is the Pune’s CCD of Seasons Mall @ Magarpatta City. They have got the best location in the mall. The seating is outdoor as well as indoor. The staff and service is quick. The menu is very different from the regular CCD. They always prepare your order fresh in front of you. You can have momos to pizzas to subs to mocktails . The menu is very cleverly made.
Born in India, we are generally used to the milder version of coffee as compared to the coffee that comes with most international brand and this CCD gives you just that. I generally go for Hazelnut flavored small latte while for my husband, it’s always Cappuccino.

The chicken momos come in size of 6 or 9. For the subs, I would recommend smoked chicken sub for the health conscious ones and the tandoori chicken subs for those who like Indian flavors.

The Devil Roast Chicken with Garlic Bread is a must have. If you want rice, you can go for a Crispy Chicken platter with Basil Rice.

You have got to make an effort to visit this CCD at least ones to get a different experience. This is one place where I can sit for hours alone, a book in hand and a cup of hot brewing tea , the cool breeze outside , the amazing open view around and the comfortable sofa is enough to make you forget your surrounding.

Below is picture of Tandoori Sub served with Salsa and Corn chips

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