Baker Street - A Silent Street(Cafe) for Peace of Mind and Coffee to Refresh Yourself

By now you would have known my aversion towards deep fried food. I cannot handle oil in food except when it is used as a cooking medium. I hate food where I see oil either floating on top or crawling on the plate making its way to the other end of plate crawling underneath the rice or chapatti. It somehow sticks to my throat giving a sick feeling and I would rather prefer to remain hungry.

Same applies when I visit a restaurant. It is this reason because of which Baker Street has become my recent favourite. They have so many branches around the city and the most recent one is in Amanora Mall. Generally when you are in a mall, you have a tendency to walk a lot which makes you hungry soon. Earlier I used to munch on Burgers and Pizzas to solve my small hunger.

Shopping is not easy these days due to the infinite choice of brands and malls thrown in front of you. (Sometimes I do feel old days were better because your life was simpler and easier then. Also, I am still not confident with online shopping portals as I have to feel the product to buy it. How can I buy a cloth without feeling the fabric. Even if they provide return policy, I find it a waste of time. Buy it once and for all.)

So, it is during my saga of one those shopping days when I need 3 o’clock coffee break to rejuvenate myself or the 7 o’clock should not eat heavy before dinner or a light lunch as you have to do real shopping ahead that I find Baker Street perfect.

They have got some incredible items at display. Their Cappuccino is by far the best and does not lead to acidity (pet garam) which I think many Indians would relate to what I am talking about. Since, we all are used to Drinking Tea (Desi Chai), drinking too much coffee causes our system to throw back in many different ways.

I like their simple sandwiches which you can easily munch as a snack. Light and Healthy because they have an option of no cheese sandwiches as well . Generally they serve all their sandwiches with Brown Bread accompanied with Colsow dip and Budhani Wafers. Now if you are a Puneikar, you would know the significance óf Budhani Wafers.   No Lays or Doritos can match their taste.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can try out the numerous varieties of healthy cakes or Cookies they serve- Date Walnut Cake, Oats Raisins cookies, banana pecan muffins (which I am going to try out at home very soon as I am immensely impressed by these combinations ) or the simple ever classic Choco Chip Cookies which can never go out of fashion.

And the best part is, even if you are alone specially for professionals working in Cyber city just across the street, you can still enjoy the place. Nobody is going to make you uncomfortable.


  1. Nice clicks, yes oily food is best avoided, grill I can die for it

  2. Yes Datta. Oily food is best avoided when specially when not fried at home.