Baan Tao - The Best Pan Asian Restaurant has arrived

I am a complete Desi when it comes to food. It has to be roti or rice at the end of a meal to get a proper filing base , no matter whatever I have had. I get sleepless nights if I have to go to bed eating only 2 minutes Noodles. That’s the reason, I hardly go to a Pasta Restaurant. I know the Italians would Kick me for admitting this , but please no offence, it is a personal preference.

So It was Eid and I got an off from office but My hubby had to go to office as most of his team was on leave, some planned and some emergency  :O . I was frowning since morning as it was the 1st Eid that I was not doing anything. The day started late with Phonecalls when Family and Friends wished Eid . I made a normal breakfast with a sullen face as I was going to spend a week day all alone. I started chatting with an old friend on FB for couple of hours.  What next, I thought of reusing my spare time ironing clothes, which if u know me personally, would know how much I love neat clothes without frizzes. Well, I kind of have an OCD when it comes to clothes to the extent that I cannot tolerate the lines of folded clothes which come after ironing and stacking in cabinet for a long time and can never delegate to anyone else.

It was evening. My hubby called. I was angry. I didn’t pick up the call. He messaged me . Get ready We are going out . A big grin came on my face as  I realized he has taken half day off. I didn’t even bother to call him back to ask Get ready to go Where ? Simply said ok and jumped off from Sofa, pressed my new clothes, which I had kept ready for the occasion and was ready in 15 minutes.

Husband rang the door bell after  a long 2 hours, Thanks to the traffic and growing population in Pune. I ran to open the door and greeted with a big Grin to be returned with an angry face. Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles, some trouble in office. I thought to keep quiet with a meek expression, “Are we still going “.

Sure.. the day is over but still the evening is left. No need to ruin it more. It was raining hard which was perfect for setting the mood. It took us 30 minutes to reach the place and I was quiet amazed and touched to see where I have landed this time. It was Baan Tao – a Pan Asian Restaurant on which I had my eyes since so many days but was not getting a purpose to visit.

We gave the car for  Valet Parking and went to the SF floor . Holy Moly .. What a setup. The dark mood, the candles lit, the wooden floor, the furniture, the outdoor sitting beside the big wall with the sound of Water Rippling , all the tension disappeared. That was the perfect background to experience Thailand or Malaysia in Pune.

1st dish ordered was quiet quick as I had already gone through the menu earlier many times on Zomato.(One thing which I study apart from Fiction :P). Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce . The service was a little slow because of WNS having some corporate function the same day in the same hotel. I think they were short of staff too because it was Eid (Guys, its Eid and not Id as I read recently  somebody wishing “Id Mubarak” :O , we cant be that ignorant staying in India). It came after nearly 30 minutes. However, the portion was very good (9/10) Subtracted 1 point for the sauce. I wanted little more. It was tasty and one of the best I had. It is a gauging meter I use to rate a Pan Asian restaurant like I would order Paneer Butter Masala to gauge a north Indian restaurant.

For the main we ordered Chicken Pad Thai. This time I had to use LED Torch light to decide the main course.. It was saucy and tasty (8/10) . However, the portion was little less. We were still not feeling full.

We were in dilemma, whether to order dessert and finish off the meal or order another dish. Enough of chicken already . We ordered some steamed rice and Thai green Prawn Curry. It was actually the best Thai Dish I have encountered. The spice was on the higher side as I would prefer green curry to be. The quantity more than expected this time, the prawns big enough and soft and succulent. The cool breeze outside, the mild drizzling of the rain and the hot rice and prawns , my hubby was smiling now. All his stress had vanished from his face and it was nice to see him enjoying the good food.

It was Eid, the food had to end with some dessert. We ordered Lemon Grass Pana Cotta with Hot Chocolate Pastry. It was 10/10 . I wanted to take pictures of the dishes. I tried hard in Manual Setting of my DSLR to get atleast 1 pic of the food . Still all efforts went in vain because of low light. May be I need to visit the restaurant in the day time again for better pictures for you all to believe.

It was one of the most memorable Eid in which we enjoyed. Otherwise it would be cooking and cooking and serving throughout the day. Some days should be “Me Days “.

Baan Tao @ Hyatt made our “Me Day” . I would visit this restaurant again and recommend all to visit this one.

The only gray area would be service which can be a little faster. When you are really hungry and service is slow, it can get into your nerves. They are already charging a lot on food and service tax . They should not charge our time as well. Because in some cases, Time is also Money.

The only pictures which I could take because of the low light

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