My Eid Feast with My Assistant

We eat with our eyes first and then with our mouth. Would you not vote for it. If your food is pleasantly laid on the table, it automatically invites your friends and guests near it. That is why I like to invest on Good Serve ware and Dinnerware. A nice looking dish is half the battle won. And if your food is fresh and tastes nice, you are already the connoisseur  of the family.

Eid celebrations are always the one which my family and friend look forward to every year. Thirty days of Ramadan Fasting is followed by a big gathering on the Day of Eid. Hence, it has to be big and special.

The food served should be for the club class. After all, does not my family deserve it after fasting for thirty days. Well, they deserve more than that. Cooking for them is the least I can offer in return.

On the day of the Eid, The men in the family bath and wear new clothes and  go to Mosque to offer the Morning Eid Namaz. The women in the family normally read Namaz at home . The Whole house is cleaned and a nice white table cloth is laid on the dining table. I take out my special utensils and put them on table.

The auspicious day then starts with having Sheerkhurma  , milk sweet dish which I like to serve in my Small Glass Katories . Well, the preparation for Sheerkhurma starts well in advance. I buy the small thin semayian and fry them in good quantity of clarified butter and store them  in my  Borosil Sistema Candy. Similarly , I like to organize my dry fruits as well. I buy Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Pistachio, Chironji  and fry them separately in Shudh Desi Ghee and keep them in separate Sistema Rectangular Klip It .They sure help me keep them crunchy for well 30 days.
On the Ultimate day, I heat milk, add sugar, dry fruits and semayian and wollah , my Sheerkhurma is ready in minutes which I then pour to Deep Round Casserole. Generally, we eat Sheerkhurma hot . So if my sheerkhurma cools down, I can easily microwave it . The same container goes in the microwave and I turn on the heat for 3 minutes. And  Voila , Sheerkhurma is ready like I have got it straight from the stove. Is not it great. Hot milk reduced to give a nice creamy consistency, golden fried cashews, finely chopped almond, nice vibrant pistachios  and the oh so crunchy chironji,  all floating on top with small and fine golden fried noodles cooked to perfection with the splendid aroma of cardamom and kesar,  even a child wants two servings  of this.

Guests start pouring in , I start with Sheerkhurma served in Small Glass Katories, easy to wash ,which I can put them in my Dish Washer and they are ready to be reserved for the next batch of guests. Easy cleaning, that’s what my 2nd criteria is when I buy utensils for my kitchen. There should not be any dirty corner which my hands or my dish washer cannot reach.

Then comes time for the Biryani and Raita to be served . I prepare two type of Biryani, Chicken and Mutton and I like to serve them in my OVAL DISH and DEEP RECTANGULAR DISH . Each Strand of rice stands apart and can be seen from every corner of the table, the pieces of meat nicely laid and peeping through the glassware inviting the guest to come and enjoy them. The fragrance of mint leaves , the whole spices and the golden fried onions appetizing enough to bring a smile in everyone’s face. Children, Elders, Youngsters all devour till the last hole in the belt . To the kids, I usually serve them in Melamine Dinner Set so I am stress free while I tend to other important things.

The food is over. Stomach’s are full. Its afternoon and the men doze off on the couch in front of the TV which certifies that everybody had a hearty meal. The ladies gather in bedroom and catch up with each other and have a gala time . Families Come together, Spend Time Together and Have Fun . Is not it that’s what families are for. I love such days. But the day is not over, Its evening. Time to wake up from the Post Feast Nap and head off but not until I serve everybody some nice Masala Tea in my PICCOLO CUP & SAUCER SET . Cheers Everybody !!.

Do I still need to disclose to you all who my Assistant is ? Its Borosil.


  1. Wonderful post with an insight into your day . Looking forward to wonderful times!