Eid Mubarak and an Appeal

It is the last day of Ramadan and Muslims around the world will celebrate Eid Tomorrow. People will wear new clothes and head for the traditional Eid Prayer early morning.

I was waiting whole month to post a nice recipe on Eid. But my heart goes out for all those people affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict and the Gaza Crisis.

My heart goes out to the people who have lost lives.

My heart goes out to the children who have become homeless.

My heart goes out to the survivors whose parts of the body are amputated.

For Muslims in Philippines, Malaysia, US and UK, Eid is today. Celebrations have started. In India and Pakistan , it would be tomorrow.

I just want to wish each of you a happy Eid today. I will not post any recipe today or tomorrow.

I wish to pray for Gaza and request you all if you are reading this post to pray for Gaza because YOU DON’T  NEED TO BE MUSLIM TO STAND UP FOR GAZA, YOU JUST NEED TO BE HUMAN.

Some Nice Images of Eid which I thought of sharing with you all. Image Source : http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/

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