Coconut Palm Jaggery Rasgullas (Authentic Recipe with Step by Step Pictures)

My very intelligent friend P says , You can sell anything to a women if there is either one of the sticker attached to the product – It will make you look (face) good or It will make you look slim.

Well I will try to sell the below recipe to all who are reading this post in a similar fashion . Though It will definitely not make you look slim or get your face glowing but will definitely give you a mental peace of having consumed a low calorie dessert.

We all like desserts but with it comes the risk of calories. If you can burn it, very good. Else, we will have to live with it. I generally try to run away from desserts as much as possible. But having an extremely sugary tooth, I always succumb to temptation every now and then.

I am a big Rasagulla Fan and after spending a decade outside Orissa and not finding a good Rasgulla shop nearby, I make my own Rasgulla. That gives me a chance to add my own choice of sweetness product.

The authentic Rasgullas are made of Sugar or Date Palm Jaggery . In Pune, getting liquid date palm jaggery is a difficult task. Somehow I managed to grab some Coconut Palm Jaggery during my last trip to Godrej Nature’s Basket. You can also order it online from here.  So last time , when the milk went bad, I immediately opened the packet of jaggery, rolled out chenna(mashed paneer) and cooked them in boiling jaggery water to make some quick Rasgullas.

I managed to get some pictures during the preparation.

Note: These rasgullas will have a coffee color and the taste will be the same as if added date palm jaggery.

What You Need:

# Ingredients Quantity
1 Cow Milk 1 litre
2 Liquid Jaggery/Molasses/ Grated Coconut Palm Jaggery 2 cup
3 Lemon 1 big size
4 Water 4 cups
5 Green Cardamom 2
6 Semolina 1 tbsp
7 Sugar 1 tbsp

Steps To Make:

Boil Milk in a vessel.
Once It starts boiling, lower the flame and squeeze juice of one lemon.
Milk will start curdling and you will see separating and forming a green color liquid.
Switch off flame and strain with a muslin cloth.
Put the cloth under cold water to remove any sourness of lemon.
Allow it to hang for 15 minutes.
Place the chenna or paneer in a plate.
Put Semolina and Sugar and mash it properly with palm of your hand for about 10 minutes.
Make small balls and put in a plate. Cover it to prevent moisture escaping.
If it dries, the rasgullas will break when you cook them.
Boil 4 cups of in a deep vessel.
When it starts boiling, add jaggery or molasses , green cardamom and cover it.
When jaggery is well dissolved, add the paneer/chenna balls.
Let it boil for 15-20 minutes.
Allow it to cool down completely before you server.


  1. Hi Amsung , This sounds and looks superb for the BlogAdda activity. I am nominating this as well as few others of your picturesque blogposts for #CelebrateBlogging. All the best

  2. Hi Amsung , This sounds and looks superb for the BlogAdda activity. I am nominating this as well as few others of your picturesque blogposts for #CelebrateBlogging. All the best

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