Cheesy Hot Corn Cutlets in a Cold Windy Rainy Day

Some people feel the rain while others just get wet. I used to be the other one and never liked rains. I don’t like wearing rain coats or carrying an umbrella and even worse…driving in rain specially during the night because I have to put the air condition on and that’s the last thing I want.. When I think of rains, I think of mud, wet clothes, cough, cold , running nose and the most disgusting – throat infection. My throat is ultra-sensitive to changing weather especially when it starts raining. I am a big pessimist when it comes to rain..

However, slowly and steadily things are changing. The way I look at life is changing. I am being less judgmental to things and more tolerant to people as I can be very blunt and rude by speaking nothing but the truth.I know it’s a bad habit as God forgot to put the RBC called diplomacy in my blood when I was born.

But as the brainy person says nothing is permanent but change, I have or have been changing. Is it called Maturing or simply Ageing..ok now don’t start judging my age.. though I am not the kind who would hide it..neither I am despairing to look a teen or in twenties by applying all the super expensive creams available in market these days.To be direct, I am totally against it and feel compassion for those who rub n rub n rub cream as a desperate attempt to look younger and anguish for the pamphlets that sell  beauty enhancement surgical procedure which come along with the newspaper every day morning. They keep falling off as I turn the pages and I am tired of picking and stacking them. Earlier only women were targeted. Now even the men are not spared.

Coming back to rains, I have developed a likeness for the rains. All I crave for is rains every weekend, a heavy downpour, a book in my hand and a cup of ginger and masala tea as I am not a big coffee fan. I picked up Robin Cook’s Cell last time I went to Landmark. I have not yet transformed to an e-reader and yet to own a Kindle.  Not a big fan of Robin Cook. Somehow I am liking this work and the story is nicely sprouting around iDoc. You have to read the book to know whats iDoc.

Last weekend was one such weekend and the setting was perfect for all the above. I didn’t mind some hot snack along with it. Hence, I quickly cooked some hot cheesy corn cakes. They were fast to make and had to be ready as I enter into the next plot and before the rain stops.

Folks, make them for a rainy day and enjoy.

What You Need:

1          2 cups canned corn. 
2          1 big potato peeled and grated
3          1 big onion chopped
4          4 garlic pods crushed
5          1 tsp cumin powder
6          1/2 tsp red chili powder
7          2 and 1/2 tbsp oil
8          1 tbsp grated cheese
9          1 tbsp bread crumbs
10        2 tbsp cornflour
11         salt to taste

Steps To Make:

Squeeze water from corn completely. Keep a handful aside and grind the rest to a coarse paste.
Heat 1/2 tbsp oil in a pan. Saute onions and garlic till they are browned.
Add rest of the ingredients and mash properly.
Divide them equally and give them shape of your choice.
Heat oil in a pan. Cook these cutlets till both sides are golden brown.
This recipe can't be simpler.


  1. Mini corn cakes looks lovely, dear....

  2. Mini corn cakes look very crispy and cute...ideal evening snack :)

  3. Hi Soma

    These cakes look so crispy and golden. Well presented as well.


  4. crispy and perfect one,nice snack anyday...

  5. thanks for dropping to my blog.. u have a nic espace too.. will visit often..