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It has been long since I have wanted to write about It somehow skipped from my mind completely until I read recently about how much a person suffered by eating Railway Catered Food. I thought it is high time I bring to notice to people about this amazing service started by who provide food while you are travelling and not carrying home cooked food. Well, many do not get the privilege and time to carry home cooked food and also not many have the option to travel by flight.

Travelkhana has been found jointly by Pushpinder Singh, CEO with acumen business skills who decided to open this website to make Train Travel experience of people better , Matteo Chiampo , Chief Advisor and Strategic Investor and Siddartha Misra, Director- Market Operation.

Last year I was travelling to Rajasthan and I decided to order food from this site. While going I ordered online and while returning I called help desk and ordered. I provided only my PNR number. When the concerned station arrived, a person was ready with a big packet, very nicely packed. I gave him Rs 500 thinking whether he will crib for change. But I was again startled to see, he carried change. He returned me with exact change and didn’t expect for any tip. Well now I wanted to see the quality of food.

When I opened the packet, OMG, I had a spread infront of me of Gujarati Food. Phulka, extremely soft and hot, Sev tamatar nu shaak, daal tadka, dhokla, kachori, one more sabji I don’t remember now and a nicely packed gulab jamun. Now I wanted to give him a tip.
While returning I again decided to order food through the same website. But where I was there, I didn’t have internet . So I decided to call helpdesk (08800-31-31-31) and ordered. This time they said would deliver me food at a different station. Oh this time, I had a yummy rasmalai in my food tray. Glad I had tipped the guy this time.

I was travelling in 1st class and others in my coach decided to buy Railways Food. I could not miss the disappointment in their eyes. The Uncle who was travelling along with me took their helpdesk number and site address from me since he was a frequent traveller in that train.
Guys please spread this message if you read my post. It is an extremely useful site. Please encourage them to continue providing their service since we don’t see any hope from Railway Caterers.

And Indian Railways, if you are reading this, please take this seriously as you have serious competition ahead. provides food for lunch and dinner only. They serve food in selected stations only. I am hoping they will soon plan their expansion to all regions of India if they get good response from travellers. The food might be little expensive but it is every worth the penny. They also provide local to their region.

Undoubtedly, It has been voted as the Best Travel Website @ the IAMAI Awards 2013.

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