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What if my favorite teams are playing in IPL today. It is a Saturday Night and I am tired after my weekly official activities and then heavy Cleaning Chores in the morning.. My fridge is empty because I shopped for a week’s grocery only. I had to do grocery shopping again today. I didn’t get time. I need some me time, some time to just relax, I don’t even want to go out for eating food. There is traffic and there is rush and I have to waste my time in commute. I could have done something productive in that time.

Oh so many excuses but don’t you relate to it ? I don’t want to end up eating Pizza or Maggie again. I wanted to eat my favorite Chinese from Mainland China. Aah, it’s possible now. If I want to have Chinese, it has to be from Mainland China or from Chungfa. I didn’t want to take my car out , just thinking of the traffic on the road makes me tired already.

Now I have TastyKhana.com. What a boon for me and for so many. Well, the order and delivery process has been so smooth that I have now dropped the idea of dressing up for going out, wasting time in traffic completely. Instead, I want to dress comfortably, sit in front of television and gorge my favorite Thai Noodles . Friends, that is possible now. Yes, India is developing.

So proud to be a Puneite. It was a Pune  startup project by Sachin Bharadwaj, a computer sci graduate from MIT in 2004, the same year I completed my Engineering Degree too. He is truly inspiring. . His initial audience was Pune, but within 5 years, he expanded his business to other cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. An motivating entrepreneur , a simple idea but the 1st one to think and execute it. I was so impressed by his venture that I had to do some research as to who started, when was it started and then finally thought to write about him today.

You can pay by cash, by credit card, debit card and food will be delivered within 30-45 minutes at your door step, piping hot. I have till now had an amazing experience with TastyKhana.com.
The website is http://tastykhana.in/ . Download the app on to your cell phone and enjoy your food from your favorite restaurant anytime.


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