Ragi Almond Ladoo

Ragi is a rich source of calcium and fiber . It acts as an effective coolant when mixed with buttermilk and helps in reducing weight. It is quiet filling , little difficult to digest and thus keeps your stomach full for a long time. Try these ragi laddus at home, extremely easy to make since it is made in microwave. You don’t have to stand long hours in front of stove mixing the ragi continously to prevent it from burning.

What You Need:

1 Ragi Flour 2.5 cups or 250 grams
2 Besan 0.5 cups or 50 grams
3 Ghee/Clarified Butter 90 grams or Little less than a cup
4 Sugar 3/4th of a cup or 75 grams
5 Powdered Jaggery 50 grams
6 Chopped Almonds 1/4th of cup or 25 grams

Steps To Make:

Mix Ragi Flour, Besan and Ghee together.
Microwave in a microwave safe bowl for 6 minutes on high flame.
Mix every 2 minutes to prevent it from burning.
A nice aroma will come out. At this point, Ragi and Besan will be well roasted in ghee.
It will have a glue texture.
To this, add powdered sugar, powdered jaggery and chopped almonds.
You can other dry fruits of your choice as well.
Mix it well with a spoon.
Allow it to cool down slightly.
When mixture is still hot, take portion of the mixture in ur hand and start rolling them into laddus.
Do not let the mixture to cool down completely.
Else, you will not be able to bind the laddus together and they will start falling apart.
Kids will  like it as it has a chocolate color.

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