Poda Pitha

Poda Pitha is a baked Urad Daal cake from the state of Odissa. Poda literally means Burnt, though, there is nothing burnt about this dish.
Traditionally, they were wrapped in banana leaf and baked inside a home made tandoor.
These days , you can easily make them in oven or even a pressure cooker.

What You Need:

1 Rice 1 cup
2 Urad Daal 1 cup
3 Jaggery 1 cup
4 Brown Sugar 1 tbsp
5 Crushed Black Pepper 4 or 5
6 Raisins 9 or 10
7 Cahsew Chopped 07-Aug
8 Salt A Pinch
9 Baking Powder 1/4th tsp
10 Grated Coconut 3/4th cup
11 Chopped Coconut pieces 1/4th cup

Steps to Make:

Soak rice and urad daal for 4 hours.
Grind to a paste adding little water. It should be ground to a consistency where you can still feel the rice particles with your fingers. The batter should not be very fine.
Grind Jaggery and coconut together in grinder.
Add this to batter.
Add rest of the ingredients and mix with a fork.
Grease an aluminium round tray with oil.
Put it in a 5 liter pressure cooker.
Cover the lid and remove the whistle.
Cook on low flame on small burner for 1 hour.
Allow it to cool down completely before you cut it into small pieces.

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