Peanut Garlic Powder

Are you Tired of your normal everyday cooking chores, don't want to cook anymore, tired of thinking what to cook for next day's lunch, dinner, then I have this simple trick for you.

Make some Rice, Tadka Daal , and serve with peanuts-garlic powder. This is so flavorful and yet so filling. I guarantee you will not crave for any extra curry.

What You Need:

# Ingredients Quantity
1 Peanuts 200 grams
2 Sesame Seeds 1/4 cup
3 Garlic Pods About 8
4 Red Chili Powder 1 tsp
5 Salt To Taste
6 Oil 1 tbsp

Steps To Make:

Roast and Peel Peanuts.
Grind Garlic Pods, Sesame Seeds and Red chili powder in grinder.
Add roasted Peanuts and grind again till its coarsely grounded.
Add oil in a pan.
Add the grounded powder, salt and mix getly till you a smile a nice aroma.
Store in Air Tight Container up to 2 weeks.

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