Daab Chingdi, Prawns Cooked inside Tender Coconut Shell

Daab Chingdi, is an authentic traditional Bengali preparation in which prawns are cooked inside a tender coconut shell. You can either cook the whole coconut inside a pressure cooker or you can bake it.The original recipe requires to cook the coconut in koyla. It takes little patience and skill to prepare this recipe. However, every effort taken is definitely worth it.
I had recently read an article which mentioned about this recipe as one of the top 20 recipes of India to eat before you die. Well the claim is certainly right. We usually stuff ourselves with the succulent chingudi/chingdi in “Oh Calcutta” which is one of the Brands from Speciality Restaurants Ltd. Unfortunately, the restaurant is closed for quiet some time in our city for renovation. This is the reason which forced me to try this out at home. Thankfully, it turned out really fine. And because of this I am sharing the recipe with you all.
I made slight change to the original recipe by adding tomatoes.

What you Need:

1 Tiger Prawns 250 grams
2 Mustard Oil 3 tbsp
3 Turmeric Powder 1 tsp
4 Salt To Taste
5 Sugar 1 tbsp
6 Green Chili 2 finely chopped
7 Onions 2 finely chopped
8 Tomatoes 2 big chopped
9 Coriander Leaves 1/2 cup
10 Garlic 6-7 pods
11 Mustard seeds 1 tbsp
12 Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
13 Methi Seeds 3
14 Onion Seeds 1/2 tsp
15 Tender Coconut Shell 1+ malai separated

You will additionally need dough made with wheat flour.

Steps to Make:

Start with scrapping the shell of tender coconut.Keep Aside. Do not throw the lid of the tender coconut. You will need it later.
Now take the shell.Scrape out the tender coconut.
Gring green chili, mustard seeds and garlic with little water to a fine paste.
Marinate prawns in turmeric powder and salt to taste
Heat 1 tbsp mustard oil till smoking point on high.
Lower the flame and cook prawns slightly on both side till it turns pink.
Remove and keep aside.
Add the remaining oil.
Add cumin seeds, methi seeds and onion seeds.
Add the mustard paste and chopped onion.
Mix and cook till onion turns brown
Add tomatoes and cook till soft
Add coriander leaves, salt and sugar to taste.
Switch off the flame.
Gring to a fine paste along with chopped malai from tender coconut.                
Stuff it with prawns.
Next stuff with the coconut gravy made above.
Put the lid. Seal it with dough made with wheat flour.
Take a 5 liter pressure cooker.
Put the tender coconut inside.
Fill water till coconut is half covered with water.
Put the lid and cook on high for 10-15 minutes.
Allow pressure to come out.
Take the shell out and serve with Hot Steamed Rice

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