Ragi Dosa

One of the many ways to use Ragi is to make Ragi Dosa

Ingredients :

For the Batter :
1 cup urad daal
1/2 cup rice
Soak overnight and grind to a fine paste.

Mix 1/2 cup ragi and salt to taste to the above, mix well and allow it to ferment for 8 hours.
Heat a flat pan on low.
Grease the pan with half cut onion.
Apply few drops of oil and spread it evenly on the pan.
Sprinkle some cold water.
Now add 1 big serving spoon on the pan and spread it gently and evenly to form a thin layer.
Increase the heat , cover and cook for a minute.
Add 1 tsp butter on the top and spread it gently above the dosa.
Once dosa starts leaving the pan, add cooked potato masala.
Roll the dosa and serve with Sambhar.

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