Enduri Pitha / Patholi (Oriya Rasoi or Oriya Cuisine)

This is a festivel dish from Odissa. This is also made in south part of India and is known as Patholi.
The idli batter is stuffed with coconut jaggery and wrapped in turmeric leaves and steamed.
Turmeric leaves generally grows in monsoon season and is the perfect time to prepare this recipe.
In Odissa, this cake is made during prathamasthmi when the eldest child of the family is worshipped and is the celebrity for the day.

Many people dont like the strong smell of turmeric leaves and prepare it with banana leaves instead.

Enduri Pitha


Idli batter

Turmeric leaves washed 2-3 times

1 cup grated coconut cooked in 1 cup jaggery till jaggery melts and coconut is cooked

To prepare :

Heat water in a steamer till it starts boiling. If you dont have steamer, take a deep vessel.
Pour about 2 and 1/2 cups water. Cover and bring to boil.
Put normal idli stand.

Pour some batter in each leaf as shown in picture.
Spread the coconut jaggery mixtures.  Fold and tie with thread. Place them in the top rack of the steamer.
Cover and cook for about 15 minutes.

You will start smelling the steamed turmeric leaves.

Take it out of steamer. Allow it cool down.
Serve with mixed vegetable Sambhar or Daalma.

Note: In pune, you will get turmeric leaves only in Shivaji Sabji Market

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