Art of Making South Indian Filter Coffee

There is something special about south Indian coffee, also known as Filter Coffee. Its unique taste, aromatic smell which comes from roasting the coffee beans, grinding and decocting, special process used to extract the flavour by boiling and allowing it to stand for some time to pass through a filter.
Every fan would swear by its flavour that it is in indeed the best coffee in the universe.

You can use normal coffee machine available in the market or you can buy the special steel filters available. They generally come in different sizes depending how many cups of coffee you need to make everyday.

What you will need for decocting for making 2 cups of coffee:

3 tsp coffee beans roasted and ground
1 cup boiling water

Place the filter for 3-4 seconds above gas.
Place, 3 tsp of coffee powder. Put the filter above it.
Pour boiling water.
Put the lid and allow it to sit for 30 minutes.

Pour the extract into cups. It should be at least 1/3rd of the cup. Well, in South India you get special steel utensils to drink coffee. I used normal coffee mugs.

Take 1 and half cup milk. Put 3 tsp sugar (or accoriding to taste) and bring it to boil. Pour over the coffee extract.
Enjoy your South Indian Coffee with breakfast.

I generally allow the decoction to happen overnight. I prepare it at night and have it in the morning. Also, I put the filter 1st and then put coffee powder and then pour boiling water. This definitely make difference in the taste.

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