Zambar - Coastal Kitchen

If you are one who likes coastal non vegetarian food from across 4 states of India : Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, then don’t miss zambar. You can find some real authentic items on the menu like appam, idiappam & kerala parotha which you normally don’t see in the list of Bread to go for with main course.

You will be surprised to see the minute detail that has gone in the decor of the restaurant. Everything has a boat theme embedded very intelligently. Even the napkins are folden in boat shape.

There is a small bar which also looks like a boat. Sitting is outside as well as inside.

Even before you decide what to eat, you will be welcomed with deep fried rice papads and hot rasam. I was surprised to see  ada pradhaman(rice flakes cooked in coconut milk and jaggery) and sarkari pongal(sweet jaggery pongal) on the menu. They are special items prepared only during pongal in south indian families.

We went for King Fish Starters – 4 big fish steaks were served in 4 different flavours(red paste, green paste, coconut paste and curry leaves paste)

We ordered 2 other chicken dishes (Chicken Chettinadu and Sungta Sukee- Malabari  Prawn Curry). However, the starter portion was so large that we will filled our stomach having king fish itself and had to ask the person serving us to pack rest of the food to go.

The kitchen is transparent and you can actually see your food being cooked.

Try out there Dosa if you are around this area between 4 pm to 7 pm. They also offer vegetarian thali and non vegetarian thali if you wnt to have a taste of everything in small quantities.

With excellent hospitality, located in Amanora Mall in the Easten Pune and in Phoenix Mall on Nagar Road, is definitely on the pricier side but worth trying atleast once. 

Report Card:
Stars out of *****
Value for money
Overall Rating
*** 1/4

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