Octopus - Asian Restaurant at Lavasa City, Pune

Lavasa City has become the hot favorite weekend spot for all residents of Pune and Mumbai. The landscape is stunning, lot of adventure sports and other activities. Many educational programs in the field of hospitality and hotel management and corporate meetings/trainings are conducted here. It has also become a prime spot for shooting advertisements for many brands. People interested in photography get some real good landscape shots here during sunset.
You will be amazed to see the number of eating joints available here, catering to all budgets and all section of society. One of such place is Octopus. We visited this Asian food joint during one of the weekend and were not disappointed at all. Though we don’t get octopus (: P) , we do find the imprint of octopus right from the false ceiling to the toasters to the fabric of the furniture.

The hospitality was good. The service was fine too. The cuisine was a mix of Asia countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

We ordered some Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay in starters, Stir Fried Tofu and Mushrooms, Masaman Chicken Curry, Green Thai Vegetable Curry, Pad Thai, Steam Rice and Garlic Egg Fried Rice. The portions were huge and food was delicious. Green Thai Vegetable Curry was on the spicier side. Stir Fried Tofu and Mushrooms and Masaman Chicken Curry were palatable.  We were 5 and found really difficult to finish the spread.

The only disappointment was the desserts. They ran out of Coconut–Jaggery Ice Crème which we all were looking forward to. So we decided to go for Schezwan Tiramisu. We got a nice surprise on the table. It was less sweet than the original Italian dessert and had Schezwan Pepper mixed with Mascarpone Cheese which gave that extra kick to the palates. The chef had sprinkled Coco Powder in Octopus shape.

Lastly, they were giving 5% cash back for giving an honest review. We took the pain of filling the entire form on their ipad, however, at the end their internet connectivity was lost due to a power failure. Hence, all our effort and time was wasted L

Here’s a picture for all of you of Tiramisu. Do visit Octopus, the next time you go to Lavasa and if you want to have some real good Asian food.


  1. I visited Lavasa few months ago and I had food at Oriental Octupus a authentic far-eastern cuisine restaurants of Waterfront Shaw Hotel. I had a good and tasty Thai and Chinese food there. I enjoyed a lot at Lavasa and Waterfront Shaw Hotels.

  2. Its fantastic to read something on lavasa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on food in lavasa.Lavasa hill station offers various adventurous sport and wide range of activities for the amusement of the tourists.

  3. Thanks Pratiksha for your comments and for stopping by ..