Karanji  also known as Gujia in some parts of india is generally a Holi Food Item(the fetivel of colors). It can be made with various stuffing like Khoya or dry grated coconut or raw grated coconut. I made the way we make in my home town using raw grated coconut , jaggery instead of sugar , added some roasted semolina and poppy seeds. You can either bake it or deep fry it. Choice is yours. Baked once need to be consumed faster. Deep fried ones can be stored in refrigerator for a minimum of 3-4 days.

Ingredients for the stuffing:
1 whole coconut grated
1 cup gud or jaggery
1/4th cup roasted semolina/rawa
1/4th cup roasted poppy seeds
1 tbsp cashew nuts
1 tbsp raisins

Heat a pan on low flame. Add coconut and jaggery  and cook till jaggery melts and coconut is well cooked in jaggery. Add roasted semolina, poppy seeds, nuts and raisins. Cook for another 3-4 minutes and switch off flame. Allow the stuffing to cool down completely before you proceed.

For the outer crust:

2 cups maida
Pinch of salt
1/4th cup rawa/semolina

Knead a soft dough using water and keep aside for 10 minutes atleast.
Divide into equal portions making lemon size balls.
Use some more flour for dusting.
Roll out each ball into chappatis. This should neither be too thick nor too thin.
Apply water on the sides. Put some stuffing and spread in the middle as shown in picture.
Fold and seal the sides with hand. You can use moulds available in market if you are not comfortable making it by hand. However, the ones made with hand have little chance of opening when you deep fry them.
Heat enough oil in a kadai. Keep the flame just slightly above the low flame. Once oil is hot  It should not be very hot), gently slide in the karanajis made above. 

Cook on both sides till they turn light golden brown in color. (In case, you are using olive oil, check the temperature continuously, olive oil take time to heat up and once hot , suddenly becomes very  hot and then stays in that temperature for a very long time. When you try to reduce the flame, it becomes colder than the minimum temperature required to try. I will advise using sunflower oil if you are not familiar with the way how olive oil behaves when deep frying)

Remove from kadai and put in tissue paper to absorb excess oil. Serve when karanjis cool down.

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