George Family Restaurant @ East Street, Camp Area, Pune

 George, one of the oldest restaurants in Pune with its location as the USP is still one of the most sought after restaurants around the city.

I wonder what magic the chef spells on its food that it makes us go there almost every weekend. The mutton biryani which George serves is unbeatable. We don’t even have to look at the menu card now. We know what we need to eat, One Tandoori Chicken which btw is the real roasted one, not deep fried and without any extra food color and Mutton Biryani.
I am astounded at its Mutton Biryani and I am not able to crack the code of its spices which usually I am not very bad at. The mutton is super soft and super juicy and simply melts in your mouth. The rice is fluffy, flavourful , not very oil and not sticky.

It has many other things in menu like Mutton Shami Kebabs, Chelo Kebab which it serves only on weekdays, Jujeh Kebabs which are scrumptious.

The restaurant will always have a long queue waiting and you might have to wait for 15 min to 20 min for seat. The sitting is ground floor (Non AC) and 1st floor (AC).  However, once seated, the service is instant. The people taking customer’s order always have a sweet smile on their face and help you in taking a quick decision. This makes your lunch/dinner even more pleasurable. Once your order is complete, food is served within 15 minutes. The billing too is pretty fast.

The place is always crowded with youth and family people. It is not expensive at all and therefore, it’s a desired joint for most college going crowd.

One suggestion for the management would be to start making whole wheat tandoori rotis as the one we get here is all purpose flour or maida. That’s the reason we avoid eating Rotis and Gravies here.

If you have a sweet tooth, go for their fresh fruit sundaes. 

The only issue you will face is the parking. You may have to park somewhere else and walk all the way. But the food served here makes that little extra walk all the worth.

Note : You will not be served alcohol here. This is a place for hard core non vegetarians.

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